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San Francisco, CA– Reports that Andre Berto (28-1, 22 KOs) was seriously injured sparring yesterday in Southern California were confirmed late Monday evening. The injury is said to be a “torn” or “ruptured” left bicep. One report said that Berto had suffered the same muscle tear previously. With pending surgery possibly as soon as this week, Berto’s February 11 rematch with Victor Ortiz (29-3, 22 KOs) has been canceled. No word as to who will replace the American born fighter of Haitian heritage on the Showtime Championship Boxing card.


According to the world’s preminent MMA writer Dave Meltzer of the, his take on torn biceps taken from an article at is as follows. “The biceps will tear more frequently on steroids, but non-steroid using lifters often don’t have problems with biceps tears.”


Victor Conte

The reason why steroids are being brought into the story is that Victor Conte, a convicted Felon and the mastermind behind the “rigging” of some 2000 Olympic events, and who also admitedly supplied Shane Mosley with steroids and EPO for his second fight with Oscar De La Hoya, is involved. Conte is the same man whose trash when searched by the FBI turned up documents that tied Major League Baseball home run king Barry Bonds to Conte’s now defunct BALCO Labs and steroids, is one of Berto’s conditioning advisors. Berto and Ortiz fought last April in a brawl in which both men tasted the canvas.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Anytime u hear torn bicep or torn achilles tendon (james toney/Lucia rijker) it’s suspicious. Not saying these injuries can’t happen sans peds, but they sky rocket on peds.

  • Mosley admitted taking the Clear & the Creme steroids before the BALCO Grand Jury. He then lied to the public for many years. He then admitted and it is on that he took EPO in a deposition that Victor Conte posted.

  • Hey man, I think the question always is, what would you do for a million dollars? Exactly! So if you start moralizing its probably because you can’t even sniff it. Peace.

  • Pedro,

    My gut feeling on Conte is that he is reformed. That being said, from now until the end of time, EVERYONE is going to look at that dude with an extremely cautious and perhaps evenly unfairly critical eye. Hell, my gut says he is cool today but I wouldn’t give him benefit of doubt. He works with a fighter, I’m looking at that fighter much closer than I am the next guy.

  • 1200,

    The quote is what a Strength and Conditioning (whom I will never name) told me about Boxing. The man is very reputable and was working at one of the world’s most respected boxing gyms and working with world champions when he told me this.

    He said “Anyone with a name that matters, they are on something”. He was trying to get me to write some explosive piece about the level of abuse because he was honestly just a good man who was seriously concerned about the problem.

    We talked and I explained why I wouldn’t do it but I’ve done a little bit of work related to this. I can get my hands on just about anything and without having to even get up off of my butt. About the only thing I would need a special hook up to get is the designer stuff Conte was producing at Balco. That stuff you need an in, someone like a Jose Canseco. The bulk of the stuff, it is so available, it is crazy. It is all but unregulated.

    Stanozolol, one of the most used steroids in Combat Sports. That is some very nasty stuff. The hospital puts you on that for medical reasons, you start undergoing blood work! They start monitoring you very closely because the stuff can cause severe liver damage… This isn’t stuff a novice should be screwing around with and it sure as hell shouldn’t be available to any anonymous jerk with a credit card on the Internet.

  • Maybe I read to much into the story, but from my perspective it seems that Berto is in not so many words being accused of taking steroids and oh by the way, guess who he works with (V Conte). Its as if because V Conte works with Berto and Berto had a bicep tear then he must be guilty.

    Who knows, he may be or was, as well as Pac, Mayweather, Mosely and god knows who else in boxing.

  • I’ve heard the same thing before re steroids and Bicep tears. Aparently what happens is that while the bicep gets bigger, stronger, etc. but the tendon remains the same and because of this, often results in an injury like this. People were speculating the same thing about Shannon Briggs in his fight with Vitali.

    Look, if Conte works with Berto, EVERYONE is going to at least have the thought on their mind. There is a guy in the UFC who works with Conte, I don’t recall his name right now but he has talked about the whole Conte situation and what that brings to the table. The guy was never tested for PEDs before he started working with Conte, he started working with Conte and he is tested every single time now.

  • Brian, I have defended Victor Conte. I just laid out the facts involved. ****, I didn’t know it was a crime to do so. His products are outstanding. That doesn’t take away from the story at hand. I also said that Berto had this injury before. ****, what do you guys want?

  • AK, didn’t like the verbiage you put forth, thus deleted. If it was a compliment, I still didn’t like the way it sounded.

  • I recall a few months ago when people commented on Conte you defended him, saying he had been punished and done his time. At that time he advertised his supplements on your site.

    Dont mean any disrespect but it seems odd that now your posting reminders of his past that he was already punished for when before you gave him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Didn’t mean that as any form of disresepect. If anything, I hold your journalism in high regard considering on a regular basis, you let it all out there and are always willing to report what you come across without any worries of repurcussions. EVERYONE’S under scrutiny to you. Thats a good thing considering not all writers are willing to air out everything, in regards to certain situations. Even stories that might be unconfortable due to friendly working relationships, you’ll put forth stories that raise questions, and trying to keep things in a proper perspective. Like the one with the ref. Mora and his “blunder” in the donaire/montiel fight.Countless other topics you’ve written on. Like I said, I don’t always agree, but you da man Pedro!

  • Another great job Pedro. This is why Ringtalk has been my “go to” boxing site for over a decade.

  • The job of a journalist is to lay it all out there. I did and people are jumping on me. I don’t get it, I know Victor Conte, and while he is a convicted Felon, I believe his SNAC products are amazing and legal. That being said, there are a plethora of fighters, some you know, some you don’t, that are using PEDs. All I did was throw out the entire story, “possible” reasons for an injury, etc.

  • With Pedro, everyone is in the line of fire…Always unabashed, and speaking his mind… I don’t always agree, but you gotta love that about Pedro…These accusations flying around are terrible for the sport though…Guys like conte and angel hernandez (jmm’s new strength conditioning coach) seem eerily confident that they can beat any current drug testing. If we’re going to go with suspicions, Conte was suspicious about BOTH pac and may’s success during their ascension in weight. Like Jack Dunne has shared with us in the past, forgive me I’m paraphrasing here, but he refers to having heard that athletes at the highest level, they’re ALL using or have used some sort of PED. Steriods have been used by athletes for a very long time now. We can now point fingers at the athletes of the past, because it certainly was available then. We need year round testing to make this clean for everybody, because when we go with speculation, the bus runs over everybody!

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