New York, NY– Two major fights have been scrapped in the past week because of the actions, in my opinion, of two punk ass bitches: Andre Berto & Lamont Peterson have failed their drug test due to steroid use. I’d like to put on record that these two a**holes should not be able to earn another cent in the ring! It’s because of scumbags like them that the sport of boxing gets a bad rep. These two mark ass bitches were signed on board in two separate fights that where very intriguing and could have helped the sport further the great year it’s having, now all these dirt bags did is hurt it. I’d like to offer Peterson and Berto a big “f you”, stay outta my sport punks! Also, if either of you two wanna step up to me, bring it! Cuz I’m sure the both of you sans juice would be lit up like the New York City skyline by my 55 year old mother so I’m pretty sure I can take ya!

John Signorella


  • Pedro Fernandez

    I’ve talked about Victor Conte’s relationship with Berto which is probably the reason the dumped bass player of Tower of Power is not returning my calls. But Conte would never, even when he was a mad scientist that rigged the 2000 Olympics, instruct a fighrer t take a steroid that woud stay in his system and be detectable for two years!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Flotyn, you have a point but i’t lame as ****!

  • So I guess every writer on this site is a tough guy that calls people – including professional fighters – out for fights when they get pissed off at something. Accomplished fighter, my ass. What’s your professional record? These guys fight FOR MONEY, they aren’t putting their livelihood on the line to prove something to every internet tough guy. I hope you didn’t expect any support when you wrote this. EVERYONE is pissed at these guys but EVERYONE hates an internet tough guy. Boycott Berto and Petersen fights but don’t act tough on the net if you want to be taken seriously. Ringtalk.com, home of failed fighters turned keyboard warriors.

  • Perhaps signorella could tackle peterson, but I am pretty sure Andre Berto would take John down, not saying that I condone what they did but they are or were former world champs We gotta be realistic here….

  • I can dig it, but there should be reasonable bans (even Peterson who might be the less sneaky of the two should really have disclosed that he was taking testosterone for medical reasons when he was first tested). I understand that you were probably just venting, but I don’t think that they should be banned forever. One year bans (maybe two) with the ability to appeal after 9 months sounds fair to me.

    Pedro call me naive, but I don’t think that boxing is anywhere near to dying. Obviously it’s seen better days, but there are still a lot of interesting matchups that can be made A.S.A.P. Devon Alexander is asking for the matchup against Ortiz. GBP should make that happen immediately!

  • LOL@ “drummer.” Why do you need to talk about the non-boxing related talents of your writers? This is like the constant waving of Frances Martel’s Harvard degree in readers faces. Great for her but she knew nothing about boxing, Harvard degree or not. Or Pedro saying he was a SF cop. Good for him but it has nothing to do with boxing. Peterson and Berto should lose their careers and any future paydays for a long time but the way this site puts forth that opinion makes this place look like a tabloid site. Never heard of Signorella the fighter. There isn’t anything on BoxRec about him. As such, maybe he better not challenge guys who have perfected this craft. A few boxing lessons at the Y does not make someone accomplished or ready for the big boys.

  • Pedro, where is your comments regarding Victor Conte being involved with Berto? Like I have said before: your favorite fighter is on the juice also, you know who I am talking about…….

  • Drummer? What does that have to do with anything? So what if he outweighs these guys? He has never fought on their level. I have never heard of this guy. Why should these guys care what he thinks when he is less successful at the sport than they are? We’re all mad at these guys but calling them out for a fight? Saying his elderly mother could take them? Lame. Childish. Unfunny. Maybe turn off the comments if you’re unable to handle different opinions. Stop being a message board Nazi. Just let the discussion flow and stay out of it if you want to run a successful discussion site. As for this “dying sport,” stop covering it since you hate it and whine about it all the time.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Hey Joey, Johhny’s an accomplished boxer, trainer, and drummer. He outweighs these guys, but obviously from you lame ass response, you didn’t realize Signorella was mad because these guys are helping kill dying sport.

  • I haven’t paid $50 for a PPV card in years but I would gladly fork over $50 to watch this “Writer” say this to Berto and Petersen’s faces and then watch the ass kicking that would ensue following. These guys get paid big dollars to fight, some guy off the street would not be able to “Take” them. I’m not defending what these two fighters did but this write-up is ridiculous.

  • As a blackman and a fight fan I am very disappointed in both peterson and berto for trying to cheat , but on the flip side ! we need to thank floyd for exposing da the truth whether u like him or not. As far a pacmans goes! The gig is up! Its time for him to take ramdom drugs tests from now on whether he fights floyd or not. The pro pac media can no longer give him a pass. If pacman loses or beats bradley and all of sudden retires! That will be it for pacs career and legacy. Bottom line! Its time for manny to prove hes legit

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself. Berto was obviously juicing in his last few fights just look at his body. Also. Torn bicep… That was first clue..

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