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New York, NY- Jr. welterweight (140 lb.) champ, Amir Khan (25-1 17 KOs) is currently one of the U.K.’s biggest boxing stars and is scheduled to fight on July 23rd. But he is currently without an opponent as his championship counterpart Timothy Bradley has dropped out of the Khan sweepstakes to pursue other options. Khan, didn’t look great in his last fight against the game European, Paul McCloskey and probably needs better opponents and performances if he wants to continue to build his star power. Currently, the biggest name on Amir’s resume is a much less than prime Marco Antonio Barrera, and that wasn’t without controversy. The bottom line is he could really benefit with some fresher competition.

Amir Khan


Zab Judah (41-6 28 KOs) is a good choice as he has been engaging in an ongoing Twitter ‘beef’ with Khan and has indicated interest in facing Khan next. Judah knows that with Bradley out of the picture there are still options that Khan’s promotional company, Golden Boy are considering. They include Robert Guerrero and even the faded Erik Morales. But, even as both opponents are recognizable to fans, they honestly don’t pose the same threat or excitement as Judah. They are neither natural Jr. welterweights nor necessarily bigger live gate options than Zab. Morales is also coming off a loss to Marcos Maidana so it’s likely that team Khan is only looking at him as another soft touch.


Although Judah has a few losses and has come up short in big bouts, he is still a very dangerous and marketable fighter who makes for good match ups. Judah is on a five fight winning streak and hasn’t lost since facing a decidedly bigger and game Joshua Clottey at welterweight (147) in 2008. It appears that Judah has somewhat resurrected his career by dropping back down to 140 and certainly won’t be seen as a walk in the park for anyone in the loaded division. If Amir were able to best Judah, he would add more authenticity to his suspect beard and would silence skepticism from his doubters.


A win over Judah would do a lot more for him to gain the favor of American fans than what was attempted with Paulie Malignaggi. Like the Malignaggi fight, a bout with Judah could become a big event here at Madison Square Garden. Amir has a solid fan base and many would recognize Judah from his past bouts with Miguel Cotto, Floyd Mayweather and others. Even in losing, Khan would presumably give a game effort and be part of an entertaining equation that would revitalize the fans. So, while there are other fights out there for Amir, right now this one makes the most sense.

Jarrad Woods


  • For all those who think that Amir Khan is a overhyped fighter and a con ……… what do you think now?
    We all have seen how good ZAB is.
    Now that he has been beaten down to the floor, we stop being so rigid and congratulate KHAN for his win.

  • Although I agree w/ u on Shaw, I still think Zab is the best available right now. Bradley is out, Guerro needs at least one strong showing at 140 before taking on a champ, Morales is faded, Maidana has been taken out, Alexander is busy w/ his own fight schedule and guys like Prescott and Holt are not worth it until Khan gets a little bigger (following). Zab is a name and that’s what Khan needs to become a star or get exposed…we will have to wait & see!

  • Yup JW, I just read that. Looking forward to it.

  • Guererro is in his prime…Judah’s laid an egg in just about every big fight he’s been in except for the second fight with Spinks. I am not saying Judah can’t beat him, because Khan while busy isn’t all that aggressive and isn’t a bruiser. However Khan has power but a suspect chin, same as Judah so there is intrigue there. However, I tend to get tired of watching old vets who have stunk it out in past years continue to get shots based on name value. Judah in reality shouldn’t even have a belt right now because Matteyse I feel clearly beat him, but got robbed and then Judah got a shot a a vacant title that Bradley dumped. By the way, i think Bradley has a point by not making the fight.It’s not Bradley’s fault he’s not an attraction. It isn’t as if Khan is some exciting fighter. It took a fight with Maidana to make for a compelling drama in their bout. Bradley’s job is to fight, unfortunately his promoter”Gary Shaw” stinks. He’s nothing more than a middleman who makes deals with television networks and is only called a promoter because it’s illegal to be both a promoter and a manager in the US. So these guys BS, their job titles and then go about their usual business.I mean what has Shaw done to make Bradley a star? I know he shopped him to HBO, but when a guy can’t sell 500 tickets near his home town that’s a problem, and I think blaming Bradley is unfair here.

  • It’s on according to ESPN. Khan-Judah. Should be a good fight!

  • You guys would really rather see a lightweight face Khan instead of the bigger threats in the loaded 140# division? Khan himself realizes that he won’t get much credit for this fight.

  • Guererro, Should get the shot at Khan. Khan is pretty good, but I just can’t get the image out of my mind of him getting stopped by Bredis Prescott. Now he has a “paper title” he doesn’t want to give the guy a rematch. Doesn’t show much heart or business acumen. I believe thats a fight HBO would accept, however HBO is so damn concerned about protecting fighters as well as their promoters. News flash HBO…the only two fighters any one in mainstream America knows are Manny and Floyd and a couple old-timers who happen to be still fighting like Roy Jones…Hopkins..thats a slight maybe. So stop trying to build Khan as some special attraction. The American audience wants to see excitement. The Maidana fight was a step in the right direction, the fight with Mc Closkey was a step backwards. If the promoters aren’t willing to out their guys in tough tell them to go f*** themselves. What’s Khan done thus far? Barely beat Maidana, stopped Malignaggi, and beat an old Barerra. He’s a good fighter, I just don’t see why they need to hold dates for him. If anything Bradley deserves the leverage. Khan only sells in the UK.

  • Judah has gotten far too many shots. It is almost comical how this guy gets hyped and it is getting old. He is not deserving.

  • I also vote for Kahn vs Guerrero. I’ll be rooting for The Ghost.

  • Robert Guerrero should get the fight with Khan. He’s a bad ass that nobody wants to fight. IMO..The Ghost smashes all these clowns at 140 lbs.

  • I don’t know about you guys; but after watching Morales vs. Maidana…I think Morales vs. Khan would be very entertaining. Besides, it would be a great chance for Khan to learn a thing or two from the great Morales. I think Khan wins on points but the fight would be very entertaining.

  • I think it’s pretty safe to say that either Khan vs. Judah, or Khan vs. Guerrero gets made (well maybe not that safe to say, but I don’t see how they can’t after the Bradley fight falling apart). I was looking forward to Khan vs/ Bradley, but oh well, shit happens. I don’t think that Amir Khan is a A mere Con, but he does need to fight one of these guys to start gaining more respect. Now if you want to talk about a con, we’ve already got a great con in a well established promoter and a boxer that keep milking the suckers, with the aid of some sorry media accomplices and less than knowledgable fans, by making fights against weight mismatched, washed up, already soundly defeated boxers….

  • Those who say Bradley is afraid on Con don’t know shit about the fight game, I mean really, who would be scared of A mere Con..some you fools act like this kid is handing out serious beatdowns in the ring..

  • Amir Khan is nothing but a con!!! He is just another overhyped fighter who thinks he is a great champion, but we all know better!! I think he has themayweather syndrome, he talks a good game but shows us nothing!! When will hbo stop paying these guys to fight bums?? Zab Judah would be the best fight out there for khan, but he won’t take the fight, because there is a big chance that he will lose, even get knocked out!! When will these paper champions, includiong fraud mayweather, give us the best that they have to offer by fighting the best!! I know boxing is a business, but what ever happend to wanting to go down in boxing history as one of the greatest like Haggler,Hearns, Loenard, Ali, Marciano?? What ever happend to champions letting it all out on the line for the love of the sport, as when Marciano fought Ezzard Charles, and fought with his nose split open, and won the fight via KO!! Today fighters like fraud, and Con want to fight making the most money with minimal risks, and to these paper championds I say shame on you, and the networks that enable you to take our hard earned money with your fraudulant pay-per-view events!! The sport of boxing is truly dying, today its more like the WWE than the sport we all love!! Thank you Manny Pacquiao, Bernard Hopkins, and few others for ducking no one, and keeping the sport of boxing alive!!! When you are long retired from the sport, where will boxing go from there?? The answer is, straight to hell if changes aren’t made soon!!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Michael, you are such a friggen idiot I deleted your post. I didn’t write the Amir Khan article!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Stop blowing Con, he is a Con!

  • Timothy Bradley avoiding fighting Amir Khan just meant that he is afraid to fight Amir Khan, nothing more, nothing less. If Bradley thinks he is great, he should have fought Amir Khan beat him and then move on.

    Zab Judah is an easy fight for Amir Khan just because Zab Judah is past his prime and will only be good for 5 rounds and will just wilt away defeated by Amir Khan.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Meaning, money!

  • Bradley dropped out cause he’s waiting on the Manny or Mayweather sweepstakes.

  • Pedro Fernandez


  • Why did bradley dropped out of this fight?

  • A lot of names mentioned except for one: Mike Alvarado. 30-0(22KO’S)I think this guy will clean up the division.

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