Garcia Lands Crushing Right On Khan

San Francisco, CA– While boxing fans in the United Kingdom are still reeling just like Amir Khan (26-3, 19 KOs) was Saturday night against World 140 lb. champ Danny Garcia, I’m amazed that British fight fans put that much stock in this young man of Pakistani heritage. His failure to bring home the 2004 Olympic Gold Medal, something considered a foregone conclusion, that was the first clue that Khan may have been, “A Mere Con.”


With a perfect boxing style, a height and reach advantage over his opponents, as an amateur Khan was the “heir apparent” to boxing greatness in England. His countrymen were likening him to the next coming of “Sugar Ray” Leonard or Oscar De La Hoya, even sans an Olympic title.


Just about every ethnic group has their “iconic” fighter, be it boxing or MMA. Sweden has Alex Gustafson of the UFC. Mexico has the still green Saul Alvarez, while Manny Pacquiao is the king of both the Philippines and most of Asia. I could go on, but I think you get my drift. Surprisingly, the UK thought more of Khan than the truly tested #2 world super middleweight and ex-champ Carl Froch.


When Breidis Prescott (25-4, 20 KOs) of Colombia starched Amir in 2008, his apologists came up with the old adage in that Khan got “caught cold.” I set the odds at Khan 3-1 because of Khan’s chin, while other guys had it a 6-1 fight, which I knew was preposterous, it’s not that I thought Danny Garcia was going to destroy Khan seeing his beating the aged Erik Morales was not something worthy of writing home about.


Garcia, current WBA/WBC 140 lb. titleholder (24-0, 15 KOs) is “real good” at everything, but not “great” in any one department, at least not yet. But if you were to listen to the American feed of the HBO broadcast, you would have thought Amir Khan was a boxing God. The British TV team, headed by ex-lightweight champ Jim Watt, although visibly hurt that their guy lost, they weren’t verbally blowing Khan like the HBO crew.


Sign a contract with HBO and you always seem to get the benefit of the doubt from Jim Lampley, Max Kellerman, Emanuel Steward, to a lesser degree, and Larry Merchant, the HBO Godfather rarely puckers up to the network’s contracted fighters.


Because of the manner in which Khan responds to being punched anywhere above the shoulders, as the big left hook that dropped Khan the initial time hit him on partially the neck and jawbone area of his head. The fact that he rose was admirable, but his legs were gone and referee Kenny Bayless afforded every opportunity he could after the first and second knockdowns.


Boxing, fighting in general, it is a “game of hurt.” Khan’s Neurological response to his getting dropped all three times were to me disturbing. If I were part of Team Khan, I’d seriously recommend he retire, but don’t expect it. They say he could move up and fight a guy he already beat in WBA titleholder Paulie Malignaggi (31-4, 7 KOs) at 147.


Malignaggi can’t punch and that’s why Khan’s people want to move in the direction of the Brooklynite. The problem with fighting Paulie is that if Amir gets hit right, even the light punching Italian-American could put Khan in peril. That being said, I don’t expect Khan to retire, but if he were my brother I’d be pushing him hard in that direction.


Listen to Pedro here Amir, the residual effects of not taking a punch well and the fact the first shot left you “concussed,” meaning you were out from the moment that left hook landed until your head bounced off the canvas. Amir, nobody else will tell you this. They’ll talk about “lucky punches” and the like, but they won’t be being honest with you.


I’m not going to go down the list of boxers that are mucked up from boxing, but it is lengthy. With Khan’s connections in the UK, that and being reasonably bright means he can do something else. For if he continues to fight, there’s a good chance later in life that Amir won’t know the difference between an English fag and a New York blunt!

Pedro Fernandez


  • THere was definitely verbal felatio of khan by the HBO crew and deafining silence when Garcia was coming on…real fans know not to buy into the hyperbole….i think showtime does a better job of calling it down the middle…

  • Khan has tooken on all comers since he moved up to 140…IDK why more people aren’t making a big deal of how GOOD of a performance Danny Garcia put on and for believing in himself. Great performance from both as a matter of fact! Amir Khan’s HEART kept him in the fight and many fighters would’ve QUIT at that point! Amir Khan may not be elite, but he sure as hell hasn’t ducked anyone, despite what some say about his attitude…If he stuck to boxing, Khan would’ve faired better. it sure looked like he was on his way of outclassing Garcia in the first couple of rounds. He’s outboxed some pretty good boxers (although light hitting, remind you of bradley anybody?) I don’t see why Khan can’t regroup…

  • With respect to the RingTalk staff… The right time to lay off Khan was a LONG TIME AGO!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    The legs, the legs. But friend Hector Martinez said the same.

  • Hey whats up every1. I’m sure khan would have lost or been koed but that looked like a bad stoppage. I think its too soon for khan to retire also hes young. And should be able learn some boxing skills jab, footwork, head movment, defence ect. I like khan over paulie, after khan gets proper training and 6 months rest. Is roach ready for martinez v chavez in sept? Chavez might have a size and age advantaged but if he cant make ajustments hes gonna take a beating.

  • Come on being way to hard on khan. That NECK shot is what messed things up for him. Many nerves in the neck so I wonder if that played a role. Anyways he got a brain scan after the fight and was told he could go home everything was fine doctors told him. Many boxers have had been ko’d and came back just fine. First pro fight khan gets ko’d and 26 straight wins later he gets dropped from a neck shot. Lets be fair. I want to see him fix his flaws and work on defense. If he keeps getting dropped after that ok then, but lets see. Emmanuel did a great job with Wald chin issues. ( some say he had chin issues before manny came along). Plus if he would of listen to Freddie and used the jab,clinch,hold he might of won but he isn’t good at listening..He needs to know he can’t do long exchanges and if he wants to use defense not a wild slug war.

  • Amir Khan has been lucky in some fights. Although he did nothing wrong but got caught it seemed like that was destined to happen. Unlike a lot of people i picked garcia he was underrated unlike amir. Ill give amir credit he has fough good opposition and always tries to. i just think he is done he might get lucky down the road but the way he fights it seems like he himself doesnt trust his chin. boxing is supposed to be 75 percent mental. which means he know he is losing once the bell rings

  • Fernando Vargas and Judah were/are able to continue fighting by losing the bravado and becoming more defensively minded. I don’t see why Khan couldn’t do the same. It is his health though and I agree w/the sentiments.

  • I would not advise Khan to retire just yet, however I would advise him to drop Roach and get a trainer that could teach him how to protect himself, someone like Virgil Hunter or Floyd snr, and see how that works out first.

  • Khan was always one punch away from getting ko’d. I knew Khan was in trouble in the first round with Garcia. Garcia’s left hook was almost landing in the first round, so I knew it would land eventually. Luckily it landed on Khan’s neck and not on his chin or a strecher probably whould have been needed. I think Khan can keep fighting, but the dude needs to just BOX and not slug.

  • I don’t think you can call Khan an elite fighter. I think you can say with his slap, grab, and run style he survived some tough fighters, or that he beat some name recognition fighters who had declined like Barrera and Judah. But elite is stretching it at this point. Ironically Khan was taking some solid shots pretty well from Garcia, even after the knockdown. It was the shot to the neck, the grazing blow to the top of the head, and a shot to the forehead that had him on queer street which is a little perplexing and signifies a problem with his equilibrium or worse. Like football players after an initial concussion, Khan seems to be more susceptible to head blows perhaps after Prescott loosened some screws. Khan and Juan Manuel Lopez now seem to have something in common. I also think Khan would have gotten through Garcia if he worked off of his jab instead of leading off with short punches like the left hook that put him in Danny’ crosshair’s. He either underestimated Danny or let his father Angel Garcia get under his skin so that Amir got away from what he does best. Maybe one day medically technology can decipher what’s going to be, as what seem to be the effects of landed punches on Khan make it appear that he is at a crossroads where maybe a few more blows will cause irreversible long term damage. Hard to know. I’m not a big fan of his style, and neither are many Brits from what I’ve read.

  • Pedro: You are dead on it brother. Khan had a suspect chin from the beginning. Some fighters that get KO’d are more apt to get KO’s again much easier. Look at Roy Jones; it took that one punch from Tarver and he has been getting KO’d like crazy ever since. It’s almost like a switch has been flipped in your brain and Khan’s switch has been flipped. I don’t see him competing on a world class level anymore. His promoters may try to milk the last ounce of blood from him by matching him with B level fighters and keeping him away from big punchers. He may even win a title again, but I think he is on the downside of his career. He has all the skills, but no chin.

  • I’t’s time for Khan to pack it in. He is an elite fighter and cannot go back to fighting B class fighters. He has won titles and can no longer defend self.

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