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  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    Ganigan was one of my favorite fighters. Being of partial Asian heritage, I kind of identified with him. My own Japanese, maternal grandparents were born in Hawaii.

    When I first read about Ganigan, he had just gotten knocked out by Johnny Lira in an upset. Shortly after, he was kayoed by Robert Vasquez. I was lead to the impression that he was purely a puncher. In Spring of ’81, I watched him lose a razor-close decision to Rodolfo “Gato” Gonzalez who had just knocked-out Vilomar Fernandez in 2 rounds. Nobody had ever done this to Fernandez, not even Duran or Arguello. However, I was impressed by Ganigan’s overall boxing skills against Gonzalez.

    Of course, he was a huge puncher. That left cross was absolutely lethal. O’Grady looked like he was shot with a rifle when Ganigan dropped him.

    Ganigan’s biggest liability was his chin, and his propensity to mix it up unnecessarily. I remember discussing the Ganigan-O’Grady with “Tiger” Charley Smith, boxing trainer at Newman’s Gym. Charley expressed his disgust that neither Ganigan or O’Grady used their boxing skills. The fact of the matter was that both guys could box quite adequately when they chose to.

    I was really pulling for Ganigan against Arguello, but it just wasn’t meant to be.

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