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San Francisco, CA– Having seen and reported on the rumblings of some that the Seth Mitchell-Johnathan Banks was fixed, I thought about it a bit and realized that was probably not the case.  In case you missed it, Banks knocked the then unbeaten Mitchell down three times and out in less than a pair of three-minute sessions of battle late in 2012.  That setup the Saturday night rematch of which we get to shortly.


Going in, everybody, or just about everybody was leaning Mitchell.  Although Banks was bigger than his cruiserweight (200 lb.) days, where he had been stopped in his only prior loss by Tomasz Adamek, and his three National Golden Glove championships at 178, he was still a string bean at 218 lbs. who would on that evening stun the “establishment” and drill their coddled pretender into the canvas thrice.


Now you know why Banks was being counted on by fans to once again slay the corporate giant’s dragon, while the “establishment” was willing to bet the first fight was an anomaly and that Banks could not duplicate the feat. The reasons put forth by the Banks doubters were that he, “was just a sparring partner that got lucky.” Mitchell on the other hand, unproven and thought to be glass jawed was for all intents and purposes the “establishment” guy.


Nobody likes a good crime story better than I, but there is nothing here . Johnathan Banks has that “sparring partner” mentality, one that forbids a wanna’ be matador from finishing the injured bull. It seemed quite apparent as Mitchell was dropped in two, clipped hard in round three, and dropped again in the ninth, that Banks fought as if he were asking for “forgiveness” each time he clocked Mitchell.


With advisor/boxing Svengali Al Haymon handling both main event victors, Mitchell (29-1, 19 KOs) and new WBA 147 lb. guy Adrien Broner (27-0, 22 KOs), Paulie Malignaggi mumbled something about Haymon having “bought a judge” after losing to Broner.  If you want to hold that thought for a minute and realize that to fix the Mitchell fight they would have had to “get to Banks,” which is in itself is a stretch. Now do I think that Al Hayman’s fighters get “extra consideration” at the ballot box?   Yeah, that’s probably true.  Do I think Al Hayman bought bribed a judge and bought off Johnathon Banks? NO!  It wasn’t fish you smelled, rather boxing dung from two crappy heavyweights who “stunk” the joint out!!

Pedro Fernandez


  • Sorry gentlemen, while I like a good conspiracy theory as much as everybody, it just doesn’t add up. I think the hand injuries makes the most sense regarding Banks actions. I mean, he did put forth a good effort over the course of the first three rounds & definitely hurt Mitchell & tried to get him out of there in the third. How do you explain that if Banks was paid to go “in the tank” & lose the fight? And it’s not as if these sorts of awful, head scratching efforts aren’t a part of Banks’ history. Just a couple of fights ago, he struggled badly with Jason Gavern in a draw in Germany. The same Gavern that since then has been getting belted out quickly by almost everyone he faces.
    I think Saturday night was just more of the same after he failed to finish Mitchell & hurt his hands in the process.

  • whatever the reason, someone paid a Banks a lot of money not to fight. The next guy that fights Mitchell just has to tap him the chin. His chin is weaker than RJJ’s

  • Pedro,
    Agree, just spreading the word on what was reported. He should have landed a clean punch to get him out, cut the interview short, and took a taxi to the nearest hospital. Banks would have won the fight, and a bigger pay check.


  • There are plenty of good HW. Jennings is a very respectable American HW. Mitchell is the worst the division has to offer. He’s just a football player. Completely pathetic that his manager has to buy off the other fighter now. What’s the point? To get one big pay day and get knocked into a coma by a much bigger HW? Banks is a tiny HW. What will happen against the big boys? Mitchell is going down.

  • Coulda been the broken hands. Coulda been that he’s just a sparring partner. Either way, it’s fights like this that have killed the heavyweight division. Where are the born fighters like Tyson and Holyfield? These fighters today are washed up football players and European amateurs competing to see who can show up in enough shape to not get gassed in 10 rounds.

  • Pedro: Everytime Banks hit Mitchell he hurt him. His corner bever prodded hin to keep punching. One round he only threw 10 punches of which 2 jabs landed. If you don’t think he tanked you are alone in that thought. Whenever he hit Mitchell he was held and held. The ref miscalled the knockdown because it was no knockdown. At best it was a rabbit punch. The truth is that both of them stunk the joint out. Who knows if Banks threw the fight but it sure looked like he did.

  • mitchell is garbage. his “win” will help him get another few pay days and hbo/showtime appearances until he is forced to step up and get brutally ko’ed by a decent hw.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Skerge, I think that you fight on…See an MD afterwards…but you throw as friggen hard as you can while in that position.

  • Word is, Banks broke both hands & was hesitant to throw anything more than he had to.


  • The knockdown of Banks was non-existent. Other than that I felt he could have knocked Seth Mitchell out had he put something together. He just went into a shell of which I don’t understand. In any case I hope Mitchell has something to fall back on. He’s doomed.

  • Obviously, by reiterating my comments above, I agree with Pedro that Banks just happened to turn in one of those damned inexplicable performances that some fighters ( especially heavyweights ) are capable of. ‘Cause frankly, for reasons I’ve explained already, nothing else makes sense.
    Now, I know it’s easy for many folks to believe in conspiracies & behind the scenes skullduggery when faced with a performance like Banks on Saturday night, but really now, what went down in the ring for 12 mostly dreary rounds didn’t help ANYONE.
    So, why would anyone bother to fix a fight in such a way in which NEITHER fighter’s career advances? Clearly, they wouldn’t bother. Now would they?
    So, once again, I ask you folks out there, if you can come up with any sort of plausible scenario in which it would make any sense for that contest to have gone down like it did & for it to have been worth the risk for either camp financially & otherwise to predetermine the outcome, I’m all ears.
    Otherwise, like Pedro said, just cease with all the “fix” nonsense.

  • Well see now, it’s easy to cry “FIX”, but seriously, how do you figure such an occurrence went down?
    What exactly do you think happened?
    What could “they” have offered Banks in order to entice him to give up what would have likely resulted in his being rated #1 in the world & getting a guaranteed title shot sometime later this year ( & the nice fat purse that would have come with it )?
    And, supposing that Banks WAS “in the tank”, they how does one explain his obvious attempt at trying to finish Mitchell in the third?
    But, let’s say for arguments sake that Banks DID throw the fight in order to give Mitchell the win. To what end?
    Where’s the payoff for Mitchell & his people?
    Sure, he avenged his lone loss, but in such a dreary manner that the public is hardly going to be demanding hat he gets a title shot any time soon. So, where does HE go from here?
    His chin is now CLEARLY such a liability that they can’t afford to match him up with anyone with even mediocre punching power. Hell, Banks was only an average banger at best back when he was a cruiserweight & Mitchell made him look like Earnie Shavers in their first encounter! So, who do they match him up with that’s not a risk to knock him out?
    At this point, there really ISN’T anybody. At least nobody that’s worthy of putting him on TV against. Unless, of course they consider him belting out a few stiffs on the Showtime Extreme portion of cards as “television fights”.
    Of course, the other option is to just have Mitchell sit until a title opportunity presents itself. But when it does, said title shot definitely won’t come with the sort of $$$ & attention that they were looking at last year. Instead of an event, it’ll just be another routine affair.
    Hardly worth all that hypothetical cash that they would have had to give to Banks to hypothetically sabotage his own career.
    But, that’s just my own two cents.
    If someone can point out to me where I’m wrong, by all means, please do so.
    If not, then I’m just going with my guess that Banks is just a head case.

  • total fix but won’t do mitchell much good. if he ever fights a top guy he’s getting ktfo right out of boxing. fraud.

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