Los Angeles, CA– First of all I have to say I kind of like Adrien Broner (24-0, 20 KOs). He’s got talent, charisma, and is somewhat entertaining to watch. However, what bothers me about the 22 year old former 130lb champion is his lack of professionalism.

Adrein Broner


Another problem I have with “The Problem” is the enablers at HBO. When you anoint a kid as being great and feed his ego, when in reality HE HASN’T FOUGHT ANYONE OF NOTE, that herein lies the problem. With no apparent ramifications in his mind, Broner who obviously doesn’t understand that making weight is actually part of what makes the sport “fair” competition, and lets not forget this is a sport, the Cincinnati, OH native didn’t even try in my opinion to make the 130 lb. limit Saturday against Vicente Escobedo (26-4, 15 KOs), for their  WBO junior lightweight championship affair.  When you consider that he has Al Haymon as his advisor, a boxing power broker, and Golden Boy Promotions, who can just pave a fighters golden road to success, with carefully selected opposition and questionable tactics, I get the feeling that the sport’s integrity was in question Saturday. Escobedo was in essence paid a substantial fee by Broner’s handlers for the fight to go on with Broner having an unfair advantage. When you consider that “The Court Jester” in my opinion didn’t even try to make 130, when his opponent did, as was his professional duty, what we had here was an exhibition.


HBO pulls another homer, with Keith Thurman (18-0,17 KOs) in the co feature against underserving last minute shoe-in Orlando Lora(29-3-2, 19 KOs), a fighter who had a draw with a 7-2-2 fighter in his last outing. Predictably, Thurman stopped Lora in round six after a counter left hook dropped him and Lora quit after rising from the canvas.


When will HBO stop enabling promoters and or managers with agendas? It was obvious that this fight didn’t belong on premium cable. I have no problem with managers wanting to protect fighters and match them soft, but leave those showcases for ESPN level programs. I don’t think it’s fair for HBO subscribers to watch a bout between two fighters where one is there to clearly pad a guys record and make him look good on television. This isn’t to say Thurman isn’t a solid prospect. He clearly has some skills and talent, but without facing a quality opponent, and when I say quality I mean with more than just the ability to take a punch, there is no drama. The object is to be entertained, but when the result is almost preordained, it just doesn’t create excitement for the viewer.  When fighters are earning the type of money they dish out at HBO, I expect the competitors to be somewhat comparable in ability.

-Kevin Perry


  • hbo and boxing 20 to 25 years ago= julio cesar chavez vs edwin rosario, jose luis ramirez, roger mayweather and meldrick taylor…hbo and boxing today=broner vs bums and more bums, what a disgrace hbo and boxing has become!!!!

  • Alberto is 100% right on about Kellerman. I am sure the only reason he is there is to kiss Haymon fighters ass. Larry gets phased out because they can’t have him busting the house fighters balls. Too bad. HBO sucks.



  • What HBO Boxing has turned into is “Your Reparations Station” I just cancelled my subcription

  • They’re turning HBO into glorified ESPN with these showcase matches!

  • Alberto, I agree with you 100%. The level of competition for Broner to be headlining on hBO has been pretty pathetic. He pretty much was handed the title when he fought that total scrub on HBO to win the belt. Then he pulls this stupid stunt. The reason he can do this is because HBO allows it. At this time of his career Floyd was already fighting quality fighters like Corrles. As much as I can’t stand Floyd the person, he’s always conducted himself professionally as a boxer. He actually EARNED the right to handpick his opponnents. This guy has done nothing in his career yet but thinks he’s entitled to the stardom without fighting the level of opposition that is required to get there. Like a said just a “court jester” at this point. Unfortunately 135 pounds is a pretty talentless division so I guess we’ll get more Broner showcases on HBO.

  • Just saw Broner’s and Max kellerman’s post fight interview…what a joke … Kellerman should have got down on one knee and licked Broner’s balls. The guy doesnt’ make weight, gains 10 plus pounds the next day and Kellerman acts like it’s no big deal…Max lost all credibility as a journalist/intervierwe/whatever he is… Merchant would have busted Broner’s balls with questions as to why and let him know that was a disgrace to boxing.

    And for Broner to act like a fool afterwards like he has done something great…his handlers are idiots “Ah boy you fooled everyone…hahahaha super funny…” what a fkn joke. He needs to fight great fighters before he or his crew start popping off from the mouth.

    He doesnt compare to Mayweather…remember Mayweather beat a great Genaro Hernandez at age 21…Money runs his mouth but damn he has backed it up since…Broner shold not even mention his name in the same sentence as Floyd, or any of the other greats he tries to compare himself to.

  • KP,

    Broner didn’t even try to make the re-negotiated weight of 140. You are very kind KP, Boxing still has integrity? If it does, it is very minimal. PBF in jail for DV, Pac won’t take a “real” PED test without it being announced, questionable decisions, the WBC, Chavez JR. getting smaller rings and not even pissing for his BS PED tests, GB putting a 140lber in with Canelo, Top Rank Boxing cards, Arum, DLH,…etc…

    Darn, I think I have Boxing depression.


  • @ Jim and everyone commenting…even more concerning is that HBO, Al Haymon, and Golden Boy didn’t give a crap about Escobedo’s safety … all they wanted to do is make sure the “show” not fight went on…

  • Al Haymon and Golden Boy don’t give a crap about the fans or the sport. HBO executives and TV crew except for Larry Merchant are just tools. After 60 years of being a fan I just joined historian Mike Sliver… bye, bye boxing.

  • Good point Warren. Broner didn’t even make weight and him and HBO didn’t seem to be concerned. I always thought it was the mark of a professional to make weight; this unprofessional at 22 years old?

    I remember the flack Jose Luis Castillo took for not making weight; Broner should get no less.

  • That was the first Broner fight i’ve seen. The first impression from beginning to the end of the fight and the commentary was that he reminds me of Jeff Lacy and what they tried to make him out to be.

    Lacy was promoted as something he wasn’t and was fed fighters like Escobedo to pad the resume; the first real fight he was in (Calzaghe) he was dismantled and ruined.

    Broner seems to be getting set up that way. I could be wrong.

  • Broner needs to tone down his act until he really beats somebody credible. He is a Mayweather wanna be clone (or clown). How about actually doing something first before you (and Golden Boy, and HBO) proclaim you to be great. In order to be great, you have to dare to be great and take on the best fighters in your division (or above), in their prime; and win. I like his talent, but I don’t like his act. This is one of the problems with boxing. These house fighters (going back to Roy Jones, and more recently Berto) hand-pick easy opponents and use HBO prime time as a showcase. They make great money for fighting lesser competition and have no real motivation to step up their level of opponents. UFC is growing because they make the best fight the best, and people respect a fighter who fights the best regardless if he wins or loses.

  • Broner called out Antonio Demarco. That would be the toughest test of Broners career thus far…Demarco is a tough cat…I remember him busting up Edwin Valero with a muay thai elbow and gettin away with it! but then Valero came out fighting like beast out of hell and retired Demarco on his stool..

    Who else cheated a Lightweight on the scales?? Broner’s learning quite a bit from his idol!

  • Broner at least a few months back was planning on moving up to lightweight so there was obviously a weight issue. And even though he was reportedly working out Friday morning in an attempt to make 130, not being at 130 already shows an indifference to fans and the like in that it was supposed to be a title fight. Never mind that he may have been the bigger man, Escobedo fought at lightweight so that shouldn’t have been such a huge concern. And to Vicente’ credit where he was disciplined enough to make the limit himself, what further puzzles me and shows indifference once again on the part of Broner, is that he totally put the fight in jeopardy by gaining ten pounds overnight, failing to make the secondary limit agreed upon. That’s callous. Although maybe not what the fans wanted, in the end it seemed to work out for Escobedo from a financial standpoint because if Broner did make the weight, I think he would’ve won anyway.

  • Excellent recap KP. Nothing but the truth.

  • Broner is an ass! What a complete jerk. But HBO are even bigger asses.

    What the hell was that interview Max K did with Broner? Max sycophant, kiss-ass, promote the next HBO “star” even when the guy doesn’t even try to make weight is so illustrative of the problems at HBO it’s infuriating just seeing his face.

    What a bunch of asses, the whole crew of them at HBO, from management down to broadcast crew.

  • There is no stiff competition at Lightweight!!! He will no doubt win a belt there. Only competion for him around his weight class is Gamboa. He would have to move to JR Welterweight to find a challenge. His handlers won’t be quick to move hime there becasue there are too many killers lurking in that division.

  • I would like to see Broner versus Brandon Rios and Richard Abril, but I dought this will happen right away. Al Haymon and Golden Boy will continue to carefully match ,ie, protect Da Problem before allowing him to face stiff competition in late 2013.

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