Adrian Broner Is Unimpressed With Gavin Rees

San Francisco, CA– Why do people have a problem with Adrian Broner? The 23-year old from Cincinatti, OH is in my eyes the best fighter to come out of that locale since Hall of Fame inductee Aaron Pryor. Although Pryor could box well, comparing him and Adrian is not easy considering the contrasting styles. Broner is more finese and fluidity, while Pryor’s method of boxing could best be called frenetic.


With “Sugar Ray” Leonard like bursts of fire in his combinations, Adrian is one of the only boxers today that can also utilize Floyd Mayweather’s defensive moves and roll the shoulder. At 25-0 with 21 early endings, Broner will risk his “0” and both the WBO & WBC 135 lb. trinkets when he squares off with rugged (but limited) Gavin Rees (37-1-1, 18 KOs) of Great Britain Saturday night on an HBO broadcast emanating from Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ.


Having gone 10-0-1 since his lone loss in 2008 (TKO 12) to Andriy Kotelnyk in 2008, Rees had this to say as the clocks ticks on Saturday night. “I’m going to knock this (CENSORED) out Saturday night and I can’t wait. His attitude stinks man. He shows fighters no respect, but he hasn’t even earned the right to do that. I’ve been in the States for five weeks now and American boxing fans don’t like him. I can take him out in the first round, but I am ready to go into deep water if I have to.” What concerns Vees about Broner? “I have to watch for his right uppercut which he throws from down low.”


Broner, who has never been thought of as shy, once did a live radio interview with me while getting a haircut. Some people don’t like his “Gorgeous George” (the wrestler) like act. The hair brushing on TV really irks some of the boxing fan base. Much like Muhammed Ali, Adrian plays off his opponents and the crowd very well. There are people that despise him for being bold and cocky. That being said, Broner is the real deal in my mind until somebody proves otherwise.


Adrian Broner "Having Fun"

Adrian has no problems talking about himself. “To this day, right now, I could literally leave boxing and be like, I did more than anybody in my family ever did. I could provide for my kids and my family, but I’m not going to settle for that. I’m trying to be the best boxer to ever lace up a pair of gloves. That’s my goal. I have my own legacy. Everybody has their own legacy. Who knows? Maybe I go all the way up to 154.”


Nothing! His lone losing effort against Andriy Kotelnyk cost Gavin the WBA 140 lb. diadem he had won one fight prior with a UD 12 win over Souleymane M’baye. To be honest, Souleymane M’baye is not even a household name in his own house! This fight looks to be tilted very heavily in Broner’s favor. Simply put, Nees has as Don King would put it, “Two chances, slim and none. And slim just left town.” Broner will paint the Brit like he were a white picket fence. That being said, if Nees gets to lunging, the picket fence gets knocked down.

Pedro Fernandez


  • “The Problem” has a problem, he is addicted to:
    -Putting his elbow or forearm on the throat of opponents to disallow them from getting inside;
    -holding his opponents with his elbow or forearm under their chin (on their neck), then throwing uppercuts;
    -holding opponents heads down, then throwing body shots.

    I am not yet ready to endorse this guy as the next big thing; I too remember Ponce De Leon fighting a very competitive fight against a Broner, even though Broner was much bigger on fight night. I also abhor the, as Pedro called it, “Georgeous George” schtick. I am not a fan yet.

  • 140 is deep right now…All the punches he ate and walked through last night, aint going to be the same from guys like Khan, Garcia, Rios, Matheysse…If he cant get Burns, i really dont know who else he can fight at 135 that would be a good matchup…but 140…thats a balsy move if he were to do so now…

  • Again, we have another fighter that has been made into some kind of media manufactured superstar that will spend years fighting nobodys and washed up former big named fighters. He needs to step up and fight a real championship level fighter; I mean come on his opponent was an 80-1 underdog what is that all about. I would like to see a real fighter connect cleanly as many times as Broner’s opponent did last night and see how Broner holds up.

    I’m always reminded of Jeff Lacy and the fake media hype; when he actually fought a real fighter (Joe Calzaghe) he was exposed for what he really was and his career was effectively over. Amir Kahn is another that comes to mind except with Kahn, he could hardly beat the supposed “walking punching bags” that he was matched up with.

  • Agree with everyone here pretty much…Broner can fight. But that walk in…was that entertainment ??.the worst rappin ive heard…just terrible…honestly, i was hopin he got beat up for that whackness…lol…not gonna lie though, tuning for HIS fights…he def. brings it…

  • I have always hated clowns. I don’t get why so many boxers insist on being arrogant. Nobody gets fooled into believing they are any better than they really are. These assholes should look at Holyfield and not Mayweather as a role model. Both are proven greats, but one is loved and the other hated.

  • I’d like to see him paired up against gamboa. How do you think he’d fair against Gamboa?

  • Hi pedro, I just got done watching another HBO joke of a fight, with this disrespectful classless prize fighter…..what is more disturbing is the way max kellerman condone’s and seems to enjoy this ghetto trash talking moron!

    I think this is the reason why people,such as myself have a problem with the way this guy conduct’s himself in the ring and in the fight media. people sense another fraud mayweather on the horizon, dodging fight,hand picked opponent’s phony praises from the HBO commentating crew as to how great he is and what crazy hand speed he has…this crap goes on and on. would love to see him step up to 140LBS. and face brandon rios!

  • ummm….I think Bam Bam has pretty good speed and a pretty good chin! just ask alvarado!!!

  • I wouldn’t call him a superstar just yet. He looks the part right now butI think you need to beat more than a good fighter in Demarco and a very close win against Ponce De Leon which could have gone either way to be considered a superstar. Like someone mentioned earlier Broner looked so much bigger than Ponce and he obviously had the speed advantage but he fought real tentavely like he was worried about De Leon’s power. There is a reason he wants to stay at 135 for the time being no competition at the moment. If he goes up to 140 he has to go up against some very good fighters who also belong to Golden Boy. Matthysse and Garcia not to mention other fighters like Bam Bam and Alvarado will also give him fits. These guys may not be very fast but they are determined and hit alot harder than Ponce does.

  • Pedro: Broner was tested in the Daniel Ponce de Leon fight. Even though he won with UD 10, two of the judges had it 96-94 while the other had it a Gale Van Hoy or Pierre Benoist like 99-91, which was absurd. Broner did an awful lot of holding in the later rounds and he was very much bigger at fight time. Broner probably weighed 145 at fight time while de Leon was about 130.It was said that de Leon had to eat a lot to get up to 128 for the weigh in. They thought that de Leon would be an easy fight for Broner’s network debut, but he was anything but.

  • Honestly pedro, its overdone. As a professional athlete making 3x the average income of a joe blow the subscribes to hbo or attends his fights, it is very un-neccessary in todays fair weather fan climate to have a clownish act. All fight fans care about at the end of the day is good, entertaining competitive matches. Yes broner is skilled, but he still has not been in a competitive fight. He is the product of smart matchmaking. But in the end pedro, you must admit. While his “act” is entertaining, eventually, clownery wears thin, if he is not being challenged according to his talent. And like so many other acts before him, most of his ilk end up doing something stupid and then even those that enjoyed the act, will turn on you. So in the end you don’t need an act if you can walk the walk and you will have more supporters and voters at the end of the day.

  • Well put!

  • His schtick is sometimes amusing, sometimes annoying. He is in a spot now where you can’t tell how good he is because he is destroying guys while making it look easy. He has crazy power and speed for his division. Would like to see him challenged.

    Lastly, that fight before last on HBO, where he refused to make weight, and seemed to be happy about it, made him look like a complete d!ck.

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