Trevor Berbick

Trevor Berbick

San Francisco, CA– Without going into the many fights that have sucked on TV, the 1983 fight between a future heavyweight titleholder Trevor Berbick, the guy who lost the WBC title to Mike Tyson in two rounds in 1996, and a cruiserweight (190 lbs. then) champ in ST Gordon at the Showboat Hotel in.

ST Gordon

ST Gordon


For the life of me, I can’t remember if ST stood for anything, but the ten rounder with Berbick has to go down as the worst ever on TV (ABC). I remember Berbick’s corner begging him, “Trevor, you’ve got to try.” Gordon won with unanimous scores from Lou Tabat 97-93, Chuck Minker 96-95 & Dalby Shirley 98-92. Berbick claimed afterwards that promoter Don King had poisoned him. Trevor was murdered with a hatchet in Kingston, Jamaica in 2006. He was the last man to fight and beat Muhammad Ali in 1981.


  • I recall “S.T.” had a nickname: “The Saint”.

  • I know ST and it does stand for something, I will ask his permission to publish…..my question is where can I find the video?? Also video of the last fight ST was in when he was knocked out……

  • Too young to remember it JD, I suspect. It was bad!

  • Pedro…

    Are you telling me that this was worse than John Ruiz vrs. Fres Oquendo?

    I spent the following two days in the hospital… Just from watching that… THING!

  • any fight John Ruiz was in was the worst fight on TV. And remember his goofy trainer “Stoney”? Ruiz was a total complete absolute joke. Throw a jab and hug the other fighter.

  • Ruiz……you never need to say more……he sucked!!!!

  • I missed Berbick-Gordon so I vote for Occassio-Qawi. Berbick also makes the shortlist of worst title fights on network TV with the sloppy snoozer with fellow junkie Pinklon Thomas.

    A local guy who’s sparred extensively with most of the relevant larger weight fighters in eastern Canada and the northeastern US says he’s sparred at least 100 rounds with Berbick. He says that on the few ocassions when he wasn’t drunk and/or stoned down to the mental level of a 9-year old, he could be a very crafty and tricky to box, but those times were infrequent. He also says that despite his build, Berbick was the lightest puncher of any man over 200lbs he’s ever been in a ring with – he had about average strenght for holding & grappling, but no punch – say local Light Heavies like Featherstone & Melo punched harder. Didn’t know the man well enough to really know what made him *$#ked in the head the way he was, only that he was every bit as demented at the beginning of his career as he was 20 years later.

  • john ruiz, need i say more?

  • Tyaon-Bonehugger was bad, this made it seem like Ali-Frazier.

  • I remember this! Watched it with some buddies and we all couldn’t believe how bad it was. At one point, I think it was Berbick who uttered “what do i do?” when his corner was pleading him to get into the fight. That line was a classic joke with us for years, and still runs through my head from time to time to this day.

    ST in ST Gordon did not stand for anything. He was part of a huge family, one of eleven children or something like that; and his mother simply ran out of names…


  • Ihave always said exactly the same thing,I thought I was the only one,until now wow.

  • Ron Wong of South City

    Remeber Scott LeDoux vs Johnny Boudreaux on ABC Feb. 1977?
    Was wondering if boxing was fixed

  • I don’t remember seeing the fight, and I watched all the fights on television. I would take your word though Pedro that it’s the worst. If it was more horrible than Tyson vs Bonecrusher, it must have been really bad and my memory erased it.

  • Pedro. . .great minds. That fight has long stood for me as the worst I ever saw as well. And, though I liked both fighters, I also rank the Howard Davis-Tury (the Fury) Pineda as the best acted /most suspicious KO I ever saw. (That excludes the poor acting job of Sonny Liston at Lewiston.) Pineda fought wars, but when the still upcoming Howard needed to silence critics about his inability to punch, suddenly, down goes Arturo!

  • You obviously never saw Johnny “The Entertainer” Nelson vs Carlos De Leon – L12 or vs James Warring – L12

    Both fight DVD’s are being used to this day to cure insomnia! Nelson was the perfect exponent of “Fighting without Fighting” in those early dayzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • Emanuel Augustus V/S Courtney Burton Fight.

    Some Of All Time Crazy Antics On Tv.

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