San Francisco, CA– Although he has what is one of the best left hooks to the body in my boxing memory, Ramon “Yory Boy” Campas will never be justly compensated for his ability or tenure as a professional boxer. To put it bluntly, “Yory Boy” has been screwed more than a hooker working the poor side of town. And while some fighters screw themselves over time and again, this was not the case with this brave Aztec warrior. Born in Navojoa, Sonora, Mexico, in August 1971, Campas turned professional in 1987. I first saw Campas at work in the Tijuana Auditorium circa 1989 when he was about 18-0.


Not flashy, but ever so potent was his left hook to the body that opponent after opponent would fall victim to Yory’s “bread & butter” punch. Handled then by Guillermo Mayan, a promoter with a furniture outlet store, Campas learned his craft in an “on the job” manner. With almost every foe falling via KO, “Yory” looked like he had the goods to become a dominant champion at 147 lbs. What he lacked when compared to the great Julio Cesar Chavez was promotional backing.


The first real test for the 56-0 Mexican was against Felix Trinidad (23-0) in 1994. Leading on two of the cards going into the fourth frame, Campas was halted in a quick “turn of the tables” after he had Trinidad hurt and ready to go. Without going into the ups and down of Campas’ career, he did win (1997 over Raul Marquez) the IBF 154 lb. title he would drop one year later drop to Fernando Vargas, we will instead fast forward to July 2005.


In what seemed to be an illegal or unwarranted move, John Montano, ex-Arizona Boxing Commission Director, refused to license Campas for a July 2005 fight. This occurred at the weigh in. While Papa John really gave no reason, most feel this was Montano getting back at Joe Diaz, Yory’s sometime bombastic manager for creating a ruckus over promoter Peter McKinn’s screwing Campas out of $5 grand when he gave the fighter a (bounced) 2004 check that was never made good. (McKinn was indicted in early October 2009 for this check and is facing charges of Forgery, Perjury, Grand Theft, Conspiracy) In the meantime, Diaz, who was denied a license as well, was forced to take Campas to Mexico to get fights. During a late 2006 Athletic Commission meeting, one in which chairperson Mary “The Snake” Rose Wilcox had me removed from the room because I read the rules to an Ombudsman that was presiding over the matter, Yory got his license back.


Taking you back to 2001, Campas fought Oscar De La Hoya. From the get-go this fight had scandal written all over it. Campas received less than $100,000 from the fight that generated tens of millions worldwide. The contract, of which I have a copy, has all the earmarks of being tampered with. The purse amount, to my eyes looks like it was erased and $300,000 was written in. Like the faked Zapruder film of the JFK killing, the apparent alteration wasn’t even done in a manner that could go undetected to the naked eye.


Campas is illiterate. That being said, he wouldn’t know six figures from seven figures or dollar signs. And to add injury to insult, his check stub from the Nevada Athletic Commission clearly shows that Campas was charged $10,000 for a post fight urine test. Having investigated this to the point of nausea, at least for me, I revealed during Operation Matchbox that Todd du Beof, the Top Rank VP, had sent a three-fight fax to Fernando Beltran, who was part of a group of Mexicans, including the aforementioned Guillermo Mayan, that pimped off “Yory Boy,” in addition to cheating the Internal Revenue Service out of tax money. On this fax, and I’ll paraphrase du Beof here, “This is the best I can do tax free.”


Having the opinion that Campas had been abused by Top Rank, Mayan, Beltran, Peter McKinn, in addition to the Arizona Boxing Commission, notably John Montano and ex-Commission chairperson Mary Rose Wilcox, the Aztec Warrior was in reality just an Aztec whore. Another party that seemingly allowed Campas to be victimized was the Nevada Athletic Commission. They issued the check stub that indicated Campas was charged $10 G’s for a piss test. Never did they respond to inquisitions I made over this.


In closing, if the chronology that I’ve put forth isn’t enough to warrant a Federal Boxing Commission, well then nothing is. As for the Nevada Commission, people say they are the best. After looking at the Campas check stub for the De La Hoya fight, I ask the best at what? Like a shopworn prostitute, Campas, now 38 years old with a record of of 92-14-1, 74 KOs, faces Hector Camacho Jr. tomorrow (Friday) night El Paso, TX. Anyway the story of “Yory Boy” Campas the professional boxer ends, because of the corruption in boxing, it won’t be pretty or just!

Pedro Fernandez


  • This is the bullshit that hurts boxing and the purity of it I hope down the line those promoters get what they deserve as for campas he will be remembered as a warrior!

  • Good article, but I would like to mention that saying that Campas had Trinidad ready to go is just not accurate. Campas score a quick knockdown against Trinidad (as many other boxers at the time did) but Trinidad got up immediately and did not look hurt at all. In fact inmmediately after the knockdown Trinidad got even more agressive, and that’s when things went south for Campas, after having been winning the fight.

    Campas is a great fighter, he doesn’t need anybody exagerating his accomplishments.

  • yea that would be an asome movie hes a really dwn to earth guy ha laghing with him i almost pissed my self you gota love the guy and how the famous joe dias would say “FORGET ABOUT IT” loli hope that he rises to the top

  • How much is Campas getting paid for the Camacho fight? With over a hundred fights and big matchups, Yory Boy had to have saved up some money. It is a damn shame that he only made $100K to fight De La Hoya. He was a victim of having bad promotors who were not looking after him. He deserves a few more pay days, elite fights like Campas still make more money than the average Joe.

  • I hope Campas kickes his a$$. I don’t care for him or his daddy!!!!!

  • Dude this would make for a great movie? ANYONE?

  • If all you do is sweep dirt under the carper, guess what, you still got dirt. It is a damn shame that boxers can not trust commissions. The governing agency that is suppose to insure protection (concerning everything except punches)to our boxers, instead, have their hands (clean up to the elbow) in the $$ cooke jar. That does not include any fights they may have had a hand in throwing. I for one would like to see a “Properly Operated” Federal Agency take over and insure all aspects are covered in the best interest of all involved. I manage boxers and if there is dirt at my level (which we know there is) then why are we so surprised at the dirt at the higher levels.. If we can’t police our own, then let someone who will..

  • It’s really sad when a man gives his blood sweat and tears, to be the best he can be, with what he truely loves and get screwed over like this time and time again. I’ve always liked Yori Boy as well, I went against him a couple of times but I still respected him as a fighter. Boxing is great, the corruption comes from the greedy people that’s involved in it. Campus receiving under 100 G’s to fight Oscar is the definition of corruption.

  • That’s why boxing is *ucked up and losing ground to mma. i’ve always been a fan but this just goes to show the way most fighters are treated. And shame on that sissy Delahoya for acting like he cares about fighters.

  • Who is responsible for the actions of the likes of John Montano and associates?Is it the state of Arizona?Government employees simply can not do what ever they want to,All branches of government must be held accountable.I’ve heard the Arizona state ombudsmans office has not done a good job in investigating complaints against the boxing commission.John Montano still directs the commission by way of old friend Mr.Green.Please this is getting rediculous!

  • I have always liked Yory boy, it’s too bad he was done like this. This guy was/is what boxing should be heart, work ethic, and stamina.

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