Juan M. Marquez Celebrates While Manny Pacquiao Sleeps!


San Francisco, CA– The drama, the ebb and flow of the first three Juan Manuel Marquez-Manny Pacquiao fights were hard acts to follow. That being said, their fourth encounter Saturday night in Las Vegas was more exciting than any of the prior three. Pacquiao came out very aggressive and won the first two rounds with quantity and quality, using the right jab to set up the left cross.


With Pacquiao surging, Marquez landed a beautiful right hand over the top in round three that dropped Manny like a deer shot with a high powered rifle. Getting up, Pacquiao tried to fight back, but for the most part was on the take. The right hand that felled Pacman was set up by a series of body shots, mainly left hands underneath. In round five, Marquez ate a left cross that knocked him off center to the point where his left glove touched the canvas, thus an official knockdown.


With Manny “back in his groove,” he went after Marquez in high gear. To his credit, JMM made it through the round but he was walking on egg shells for a little while there. In round six, Pacquiao kept up the aggression and was winning the round until he took another right hand counter with around ten seconds to go in the round. The right hand separated Manny Pacquiao from his senses in much the same way he had knocked out Ricky Hatton. He was down face first and did not move for a while, something that scared me.


Look all fighters, especially those of world class status when matched against fighters of that same level lose fights. They just don’t get knocked out cold after falling face first to the canvas. Although Pacquiao wants to fight Marquez again, I think Manny’s “bubble” has been burst and that he’s seen better days. Even in winning all of his fights in the past three years, Pacquiao hasn’t scored a knockout or been overly impressive.


If I were Marquez, I’d want to set up a fight with Manny as soon as possible. Have the fight either in Mexico City or the Philippines, I know HBO and myself prefer Mexico over the Philippines because of security issues. With a knockout similar to Devo in the cult classic “Friday” starring Ice Cube, Marquez clearly let it be known that Manny Pacquiao is now numero dos (#2). For the record, JMM ascends to 55-6-1, 40 KOs. Back to the drawing board Pacquiao is stopped for the third time as a professional and watches his professional resume drop to 54-5-2, 38 KOs.


What I thought was interesting is that the crowd was all Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacquiao has lost his fan base as the Filipinos did not turn out in mass as they have done for nearly every Pacquiao fight since he became a star and the most famous athlete in the history of the country. But the controversial loss to Tim Bradley in June that followed his gift win over Marquez last November, it clearly illustrated Manny was losing his mojo. Tonight, he lost it!


Not taking the Random Drug testing so he could split $100 million or so with Floyd Mayweather was the stupidest move pulled by a fighter in ions. Instead of fighting Floyd, Manny fought a slew of “no hopers” (with the exception of Marquez) and his skills eroded with time. The fight with Mayweather, had Manny not been such a stubborn prick could have happened May 5. Instead of the most talked about fight in decades coming finally to fruition, Manny fights Bradley and loses. Couple that with the Marquez “gift” decision last year and Pacquiao is now on a three-fight losing streak.


As I opined earlier this week at, Manny Pacquiao’s fan base, a good portion of it has abandoned the Congressman that will run for the Philippine Presidency in 2016. The best thing for Pacquiao to do is retire and concentrate solely on politics. His heart is just not in boxing anymore, I see it and so could Ray Charles.

Pedro Fernandez


  • Richard,

    Just in case you decide to show up here again, I took this from one of your favorite sites, Btalk.

    It’s back from 2010 (look at 3rd e-mail down from the top), when it was discovered that Team Pac had employed Trevor Graham for their “historic” run”. Trevor Graham was also connected to Balco and people like Jones who were caught for PED’s. If you say that JMM is suspect for working with Angel, then you have to admit that Pac is suspect for working with Trevor. Like the way Btalk guy tries to cover for Pac too. Told you they were huggers!


  • Yup! Thats true about donaire…and year round to boot!! do it here at ringtalk!!! i’ve been saying for a while now, that ‘olympic style’ testin.that aint year round…well…thats not olympic style at all!.

  • Thanks Pedro.

    Also, how about Ringtalk giving out an award for Sportsman of The Year (everyone does fighter). Like the Highlander movies, there can only be one, and it is Nonito Donaire. I just read that his contract with VADA states that his results are made public, unlike other fighters who have the results sent to themselves and the commission only. I know you’ve been 1 of the first (if not the very first), to champion OSRT by a competent agency, so I think it would be a nice gesture for both Ringtalk and Donaire. If you can throw Dr. Goodman in there as well, I think it would send a message to the Boxing heads that the public is demanding clean fighters. Just my opinion.

    Season’s Greeting to all the Ringtalk Staff (Even KP). Just Kidding Kevin, you know I kid you.


  • Not a bad response to Richard, Skerge.

  • Richard,

    This is where your hypocrisy knows no bounds. You jump on the JMM accusations, but how about when those same accusations were made of Manny? Is Manny guilty in your mind? Yes or No?

    They both made the same jump from LW. 134 1/2 for both to 142 to Pac vs DLH, and 142 to JMM vs PBF in both of their jumps to Welter. Who looked Juiced? Not saying Pac needed to juice to beat DLH, DLH did it to himself by agreeing to drop to a weight he hadn’t made in 7 yrs. You can turn that pudgy body of JMM into muscle over the next 3 yrs as he rose in weight, Manny did for one fight and kept the weight (muscle on), but nothing suspicious there right?

    Big difference here, JMM accused & asks for both to test, while Pac accused & he and his team offer up excuses. Hey, I’m afraid of needles too, but I don’t have 1 quarter of the tattoo’s that Manny has. I didn’t go into a profession where I know drawing blood and seeing a physician were regular parts of the duty. That my friend, is a crock, and a weak attempt of an excuse. Look at those Pics (posted here at Ringtalk by Pedro) of a bulked up and shredded Manny, no suspicion there, right? Hypocrisy at its finest.


  • Richard,

    Again, blind for your Love of the guy. I think Pac was a good aggressive banger, who caught a lot of his opponents at opportune times, and with circumstances outside the ring (via contracts) that allowed him to look sensational to those who never look past the curtain.

    If you fall in line with Lederman, we’ll there you have it. He typically favors the “house” fighter, and I’ve heard him numerous times contradict his own scoring criteria. Funny, all 3 judges gave JMM round four of fight 4, but Lederman gave it to Pac.

    When I brought Pac’s character up, I’m really using it to bash his fans, who make him out to be of “walking on water” status. I’m merely pointing out the hypocrisy and the false claims that Saint Manny is just a mere mortal himself. Cast the first stone… Funny!!


  • “If it naw so it close to so” or “where there is smoke, there is fire”

  • Skerge,

    You could care less about what Angel said about masking PED’s, but we should throw that out right?? Because this guy would NEVER cheat!!! You know how they caught Lance??? About 30 people dropped a dime on him. Couldn’t wait to bring him down, bunch of rat bastards. Mind you, I don’t condone the cheating but I sure as fire don’t condone the backstabbing rats testifying to save themselves. We can assume if someone with knowledge of Angel proving PED’s could explain to WADA or USADA how he did it, then we could have some testing implemented OFF of that info at a LATER date. But since we aren’t sure he is cheating…..

    Which leads me to this. BALCO, Angel Hernandez included, were making designer PED’s undetectable to testing. Why would that be illegal? As long, of course, they weren’t made from existing steroids?? We know Mosley, Bonds, and a host of others were busted, what exactly were they guilty of?? We both know they were cheating as did they, but isn’t the area a little gray here?? Only reason I bring this up is Marquez, honestly, wouldn’t know any better unless he was taking injections. So he in my mind is clear either way.

    I can’t comment on the new designer steroids, synthetics, etc. You want to talk old school, aka Testosterone, Dianabol, Fina, Sustanon, Winny, Deca, etc, I can write ya books on it. Yes, I have lifted weights, have before and after pictures of plnety who decided to BULK up via the easy way, hence my Marquez questions(which wouldn’t be there if Angel wasn’t around). Look at pictures of Marquez one year ago and today. Looks alot like my gym buddies…..

    PS..I never took steroids, and this is gonna kill ya. I am scared of needles, not sure how anyone can VOLUNTARILY take a shot(whether it be doctor, drugs, steroids)…..So I do understand Manny and anyone else who claims that.

  • Skerge, you wrote this:

    If you were to ask a class of 100 to interpret this post, 100% would conclude you dislike Manny Pacquiao. If you would just admit it your world would completely turn around. As for the photo, which I never seen before, Manny looks to be about as big a POS as Marquez(correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t he laughing, smiling, celebrating, etc. as Manny was out cold?)and unfortunately many others in boxing. Like it or not MMA has a bit better CLASS of athletes who seem to win more graciously(Not in all cases but more than boxing).

    Scoring for the Marquez fights, I fall right in line with Lederman. For some reason my scorecards for any fight almost mirror his. Only disagreed with his cards a handful of times. So I had Manny winning all three fights. Also had Manny beating Bradley. Judges didn’t agree, something to do with your BOXING POLITICS perhaps?? Interesting to hear you explain that…..

    Is Manny a bad guy for cheating on his wife, drinking, and gambling(you forgot cockfighting)??? The cockfighting and cheating are horrible, but the drinking and gambling I am guilty of as well. Listen, not all these guys are saints. Gatti beat his wife. Tyson was a thug. Toney hated white people. And I loved watching these guys fight. How bout Evander?? Came to the ring with the gospel. Came in the women without a condom, the unfaithful bastard….But hey, he without sin cast the first stone(your cue)…..

  • Thanks for the photo link. What a fall from grace and what a team of whiny titty babies. Photog should sue their asses off. He was doing his job.

  • Richard,

    When did I say that I hated Manny? I can’t stand his Pac nut fans like you. You are a Pac-nut, because you are blind to anything negative or the truthfully negative about Manny. Yes, I agree, he WAS a great “fighter” who was matched carefully.

    “Somebody has to make the fight, the SOLE reason Juan lost the first three(mind the BS 10-7 round).” You couldn’t be more wrong. Take a look at Castillo vs PBF I & DLH vs Sturm. You think Boxing politics doesn’t come to play? This proves JMM was ALAWAYS the superior. Roach said it, until his guy got KO’d. Konzc said JMM only won the 4th fight because his hand got raised. Yeah, raised for 100 seconds because Manny was KTFO. Manny got his hand raised the 1st 3 fights, and all of those fights were close and could have gone either way, except for the 3rd, where most reputable boxing writers had JMM winning. I bet you thought this last fight was a draw.

    Missing the point on weight jumps? Do you understand anatomy? Males have bigger upper bodies, and will typically increase that size with weight and muscle building exercises. Sounds like you have never lifted weights or exercised before.

    Many people say many things. Angel could say what he likes, but that’s why you have to collect blood samples and compare the different substances in them. Do you understand how they were able to really understand that Lance Armstrong was doping, though he had never been caught? Landis explained how it was done, but WADA always suspected because the O2 in Lance’s blood was the same after a workout compared to when he was at rest. The testing of synthetic adrenaline is getting better, but that’s why you need to capture samples. Why won’t Manny agree? Yes, I know both of of the sites you mentioned, and I stand by my statement, especially the Top Rank fan boy one.

    Arguing? I thought we were having a conversation about Boxing? Are we not friends anymore? You Love Manny too much. Of course you think it’s me. If I’m not a Pac-nut, it must be (sarcasm).

    Keep letting Arum and his pals fool you.


  • Richard,

    This is the reason many Boxing fans don’t like Pac.
    Baboy Fernandez and Pacquiao Laughing while Hatton was unconscious

    There seems to be some hypocrisy when it comes to Pac. Pac is always the humble, God fearing guy, who plays clean and does everything by the book.

    …But then, there’s the guy who laughs when Hatton is KO’d, has 1 million excuses for why he lost to EM, has 1 million excuses for not doing random blood tests, womanizes, drinks, gambles, will say that JMM should accept the previous losses, but also says Bradley should admit he lost. You know because Pac should win the close fights, and of he doesn’t, you should give him back his title.

    BTW, the pic was in response to the pic showing Buboy and Koncz attacking the cameraman who took the pics of Pac sleeping. Apparently, Buboy can celebrate over Hatton’s body, but you can’t take a pic of Pac snoring.


  • Skerge,

    Your replies are good, as is your knowledge, but your hatred for Manny Pacquiao is overwhelming. Did he destroy your favorite boxer? I am not a Pac-nut, do you refer to everyone who likes watching Manny fight a Pac-nut? Silly and childish..

    When did I ever say Manny is a great BOXER??? He is a great FIGHTER, which makes him and his LIMITED boxing skills even more impressive. He has picked up a few things over the years but nothing to write home about.

    By the way, when you have to guys who like to counter fight, you do understand ONE of them eventually has to come forward??? Ever see a fight where the crowd is booing because of this??? Somebody has to make the fight, the SOLE reason Juan lost the first three(mind the BS 10-7 round).

    James Toney and Pernell Whitaker are my favorite fighters of all time, although Tito isn’t too far behind. Sorry, I know these guys are my typical stereotype, KO artists, but with my limited knowledge, the only fights seen were Toney-Littles and Whitaker-Hurtado.

    You obviously dislike Manny for some reason. I appreciate the exciting fights he has given boxing. Also love Mickey Ward and Gatti for the same gifts. And you are missing the point on weight jumps. The SIZE of Marquez’s upper body is the item raising eyebrows in unison with hiring Balco PED maker. That alone should invite suspicion. Did the Marquez team ask for testing after being accused, yes. You are aware Balco PED man Angel Hernandez said he could make all kinds of PED’s undetectable to current testing. And the UN-Reputable sites that mentioned this are BT and Bscene, you know both of them.

    No sense arguing with you anymore, you hate Manny, I like both him and Marquez, so I think this has more to do with you than me.

  • @dumbass dondon, thought you were retiring from the site?

    the reason more mexicans watched is mentioned in the article. read it again mr. front running fraud.

  • Richard,

    Meant to say Reputable writers will say accusations vs JMM are a double standard.


  • Richard,

    Please Brother, take your Pac glasses off. Manny Beat Margs pillar to post, because he countered of Margs slow jab, and jumped in with his left and jumped back out (as usual) Watch the fight 3 times in slow motion, without the sound.

    Manny can counter someone who is slower, and has less skill, a la Margs. But he can’t to it to someone with the skill of JMM, who can hook off his jab, or upper off his jab. Look at my theory? You must have missed round 3 of this last fight. Good thing HBO will replay it this Sat. I suggest you watch it and record it, so you can see JMM freeze Pac with a feint hook to the body, to set up that overhand right. Boy, Pac looked really good countering JMM while falling to the floor. I bet you thought that JMM was the counter puncher there too, right? You must have missed the 3rd fight, where Pac looked lethargic and was second guessing himself. Yeah, Pac looked like an awesome counter-puncher there. I suggest you go watch JMM vs a fellow counter-puncher (and a lefty at that) in Casamayor. Not only is Casa a counter-puncher, he’s slick with that Cuban style.

    Just like a Pac-nut, you claim that people hate Pac because they don’t believe what you feel about the guy. Total BS and easy excuse not to examine the truth about a fighter. I have had training in boxing, Muay Thai, and Kung-Fu, so I not only admire fighters, I respect them because they are willing to risk their lives for a paycheck and to entertain people. That is true of any fighter who steps through ropes, whether you appreciate their style or not.

    Pac man is an aggressive banger, who has learned some skill over the years. But as they say in Boxing, the truth comes out when a fighter is hurt or doesn’t know what to do, and Pac does the exact same thing for both. How well do you know Pac? What does he do? He double jabs and shoots a straight left. How many times has Pac knocked down or KO’d an opponent with that combo? How many times has JMM seen it?
    I see with your limited Boxing knowledge, you don’t appreciate or find a defensive style exciting. It’s OK, maybe one day, you’ll learn to.

    Boxing writers? Like who? The Top Rank fan boys at ESPN? The so called Boxing writers who cut and paste other people’s articles? Or the many bloggers who provide “commentary” on Boxing? Look at reputable sites with reputable writers and not one will say the accusations vs JMM are a double standard. When JMM asked that they both get tested, what did Team Pac say again? JMM made the same jump in weight as Pac, 135 to 142/3, but Pac is above suspicion, right? I think the Love you have for one fighter has blinded you. If you want to have an intelligent or stimulating Chat about Boxing, cool, I’m for it. Bring facts though, not BS accusations. Again, Fact is JMM is accused and he offers up testing, Pac is accused, and he refuses testing, but Pac Lovers like you defend him.

    Rafael Marquez was an excellent fighter BTW. Most thought Tim Austin was too much for him. Wars with Vasquez are classics. Anyone else you want to talk about?


  • Skerge,

    I am going to have to revisit the Margarito fight, because apparently my memory has left me. My recollection of Manny beating him from pillar to post must have been a dream. And your delusional thinking that if Manny played the counter, he would get KO’d easier. How would that play out? Has Marquez ever came forward?? We’re not talking about his brother Rafael, the harder puncher pound for pound. You might want to ask Juan and Nacho why they NEVER applied your theory in the first three fights. Go look at Manny-Marquez 1st fight round one. Now look at your theory. Case closed.

    Am I fan of Pacquiao, yes. What’s not to like about him? Do you hate fighters? Especially the exciting ones?? Do you dislike Rafael Marquez?? Because I am a bigger fan of his than Manny. I am starting to believe that your love for one fighter causes the hatred of Pacman.

    By the way, alot of boxing writers are curious of the sudden body transformation of Juan, especially since this coincided with the hiring of Balco PED man Angel. They must be Manny fans too.

  • Why did the huge giant bulked up jmm only come in at 143 when he could have come in at 147 are you trying to say those huge muscles didnt weigh anything. He was losimg until he dropped the bomb. A perfect right that landed on the wrong side of pacs jaw.

  • @ dondon

    that’s right, take your ball and go home you whining ass titty baby.

    you just proved everything that Pedro said about Pacnuts being front runners is true.

  • dondon, don’t let the door hit you in your whiny ass on the way out.

  • @Chongo

    Why are making fuss about pac fans? Let Pedro decide for himself if he wants to ban those “pactards” you hate.

  • Of all the people, i did not expect that PBF would say nice thing about the whole fight, praising both fighters for a good fight, congratulating JMM, and giving advice to PAC. Not a single insult nor did he make fun of PAC (unlike Justin Bieber). I give you props this time PBF.

  • @chongo

    Mr “real fan”, why dont u explain that to us. We dont know the real reason why they didn’t watch it live. Do you?

  • @Freedom

    So what if more mexicans or JMM fans watched the fight live. You explain that to me cause i cant, i dont know what is the real reason why more JMM fans watched the fight live at MGM? Can you explain that yourself?

  • Richard,

    JMM is 5″7, It’s not that difficult to put muscle on with some weight training, something even Roach acknowledged JMM never did before. Manny never built up huge muscles? Are you joking? Take a look at him before DLH and after? Manny packed on about 7lbs of muscle and didn’t lose speed & gained power. No questioning that though, right? If being cut can be done through “rigorous exercise or PED’s”, so can building muscle. It is a fact. Why didn’t JMM do it earlier? Probably because Nacho is from the old school way of training, and didn’t really put stock into these modern methods. Where do you think the “eat deer meat” for DLH, and “Drink your piss” for JMM came from? The old way of adding weight was to just eat more.

    You Pac fans make me laugh. “SOMEBODY has to make the fight, don’t they?” Why didn’t Pac stand toe-to-toe with Margacheato then? Oh, that’s right, he got hurt with a body punch and opted to counter the slower guy. I bet you think that was brilliant though, right? Always a double standard when it comes to Pac. “What would it look like if Manny played the counter too???” Easy, he’d lose, because JMM is a superior ring technician and it would be an easier KO win for him too.


  • JMM owns Pac all day now. Pac just better retire now.

  • Skerge,

    Fair enough. If you think P90X or something similar can build your body up like that then they need to do a retake on the current state of physics. I wasn’t talking about his performance, as he has always had stamina IMHO to make it 12 rounds easily. My reference was more to the huge muscles he developed, something Manny, as it sounds like you are accusing, has never built up. Being cut up can be done through rigorous exercise or PED’s. Building that kind of muscle is questionable at best. One more question. If he was capable of be that big, why didn’t he do it much earlier(muscles not weight).

    I never questioned the punch, it was a perfectly timed counter, and Pacquiao got careless. But hey, SOMEBODY has to make the fight, don’t they? What would it look like if Manny played the counter too???

  • Jon,

    Team Pac could have gotten to the truth about JMM being juiced, but again, they did not want to do random testing themselves. It’s OK for them to accuse JMM though, right? How about Pac’s leg cramps? A symptom of PED use is cramping of the muscles. Manny always seems to have that issue in fights. I’m not defending JMM, but at some point Pac fans have to ask why Pac is not willing to accept Random testing with no cut off. The fact is, this issue could have been a non-issue, if only team Pac agreed. Roach was “Just Kidding” about the accusations, he later stated.


  • “He was down face first and did not move for a while, something that scared me.”
    … are you kidding, based on several years worth of writing on MP, I think your comment here is closer to the truth:

    “Is your boy Manny, is he still sleeping? I heard referee Kenny Bayless counting, “1,142 , 1,143, 1,144. You get the message!”

  • Maybe they watched it on PPV, or there are other urgent matters to attend to. Anyway congrats to JMM and his team.

    Pac fans have taken more abuse from PEDRO. This is Pedro’s site anyway.
    Look, pac lost and what are u all pac haters are saying? A lot of s**t, what u hate about pac fans, your doing it now. It is easy to get rid of pac fans here, all pedro needs to do is to “banned” them . Start with me. After that, u can all lick each others’ a**.

  • * “until one of these guys actually tests positive…”

  • ” it is easier for those who lived in mexico to go to US soil just to watch the fight”

    Then how do you explain the fact that Pac fans were there for the last JMM-Pac fight, hmmmm? It’s harder for them to get to the MGM now than it was a year ago, eh?

  • Richard,

    Manny, Roach and Arum don’t want to do Random Blood Tests without a cutoff period Even after they accused JMM, and JMM asked for BOTH of them to be tested. Funny, but when Pac was accused for the exact same thing, I bet you were defending him. In fact, I do know a lot about strength and muscles. I also studied a lot about PED’s after Floyd agreed to all of Manny’s demands, but asked for one thing (Random Blood tests with no cutoff), and was rejected. You ask,”…how do you think he got that developed in 6 months of training?”

    Go ask anyone who has the slightest knowledge of exercise and they will tell you that after 3 months of regular training you not only see the development, but your performance will also increase (or just look at a PX90 commercial for Pete’s sake). JMM had been training for 6 months. He also trained to set Manny up for that overhand and straight right. If you didn’t see it in the 3rd round, he fainted a hook to the liver (which he had set up during the 1st 2 rounds), and threw that straight right while Manny froze with his hands open. The KO was trained for by dipping to the left when Manny jabs to set up his straight left. JMM did what no one else dared to do. Instead of moving away or back, he stepped forward and to the left, and shot that right hand. I know you don’t believe me, so I included a Christmas Gift for you.



  • “Theories, controversies, rumors,” until one of these guys actually tests clean, STFU with your theories and give credit where it’s due.

  • This site’s handling of Pacquiao over the years has caused it to lose all credibility in my eyes. There is no one else in boxing who lays all the blame for Pacquiao-Mayweather not happening on Pacqiao except this one. It’s ridiculous. Just be honest and say why you hate him. Not a word about Marquez working with Angel Hernandez.

    Jealousy? Racism?

    Those would be the two main suspects in my opinion.

  • Skerge,

    You don’t get it man. I don’t care who hired the Balco guy making steroids, they are GOING to accused of PED’s!!! Mosley was one of my favorite fighters. Guess what, he was working with BALCO, BUSTED. PED user. If Manny and Roach hired him, then I would accuse him too. If you knew anything about strength and muscles you would know your body can’t do at 39 what it couldn’t do at 32. But to be fair, how do you think he got that developed in 6 months of training? I am open to theories.

  • i`ve tried not to let the obnoxious paquaio fans turn me against manny…but it hasn`t been easy….i`ve always believed he juiced…but he was always a likable sot and i`ve always had compassion for freddie roach`s health issues(he was a limited,but extremely ballsy fighter in his day…a real warrior)…

    but mostly,i`m just thrilled for jmm…maybe,thee most artful counter puncher the lighter weights(modern day,at least) have ever seen…living in the shadow of barrera/morales for so many years…

    not being hispanic,i`nm not talking because i`m anybody`s homie…but i think the three greatest boxers i`ve seen in my lifetime are jmm/finito lopez and arguello(i still believe that aaron pryor was somehow dirty given the black bottle and his shady associations)…

    congrats jmm…vindication….

  • Read the article again, jackass, dondon.

    “Filipinos did not turn out in mass as they have done *****for nearly every Pacquiao fight since he became a star.*****”

    They were there before, just not now. How do you explain that?

    I’m glad you Pactards are on the way out. It’s a pain in the ass trying to explain things to you.

  • @chongo

    foul mouthed? look who’s talking,again, mexican in the US outnumbered Filipino-AMERICANS, plus it is easier for those who lived in mexico to go to US soil just to watch the fight, Mr. Real fan.

  • You’re an idiot, dondon. I’m talking about Filipino-AMERICANS going to the fight and there are plenty of those living in the US already that could have gone if they were real fans. Traveling from the Phils to the US for the fight? Nice try. Pac fans are front running, foul mouthed frauds that were scared s***less of what JMM could do to their boy and THAT is why they did not show up. And look at what happened.

  • The selfish guy in me wants to see Pac truck on… Better to be k.o.’d cold than be in for a grueling 12 rounds. JMM vs Pac 5…sign me up! but better to walk away soon and have his mental faculties intact if he wants to delve into politics (sigh)

  • JMM invited testing for PED be done by both camps as soon as Roach mentioned PEDs; all Manny had to do was agree to it, and it would have been done. Additionally, Floyd had asked for PED testing, and Manny had refused. – So let’s take the steroid talk and dump it in the trash.

    Marquez endured some hellacious punishment while keeping focused enough to do what he does best, capitalize on Pacquiao’s aggression and land a beautiful pin point right hand on Pacquiao. – The End

  • The truth is boxing fans are the worst when it comes to loyalty. Many will abandon thier favorite fighter on a fight by fight basis. when fans percieve weakness in a fighter, they want to root for the next “winner” and forget about ALL the exciting fights the fighter produced.

  • Pedro is right. The thing about it is most filipinos are NOT really boxing fans, although since Pac arrived, many have began to actually watch boxing. Pac gained wide mainstream appeal in the U.S. because the Latinos backed him up and appreciate his fighting style. His straight from the gutter 3rd world style feelgood story, latinos can relate to because they have seen how rough it is in a 3rd world country. His humble attitude and likeable personality is magnetic. When he has a Mexican opponant, latinos will obviously go for thier countryman. This was obvious even in the Margacheato fight, but then, you had a split because many Mexican fans are hardcore fans and a lot of them felt Cheato disgraced them so they rooted against him (Margarito). So in essence, Pac didn’t lose his fans. Its just that a lot of his fans are loyal to thier countryman. But the ones that have turned their back on Pac (believe me, people have and will) shame on them!

  • No, Mak, Duran went down face first and was attempting to get up when he was counted out. I was in the first row. Pacquiao was knocked out to the point that his snoring was heard in the cheap seats! Fulmer has Alzheimer’s. Boxing did a lot of dmage to him, he once told me.

  • SKERGE has spoken!

  • Yes they did turn their backs on Manny. Pacnuts are front runners, non boxing fans, just boxing ignorant. There are enough Pinoys in Northern California to fill up the MGM Grand hundreds of times. What a load of bull spit dondon. And that’s just the SF area. You guys abandoned him after Bradley!

    By the way do-do, I pulled your other comment. It’s you Pacnuts that people dislike, NOT Manny!

  • WTF Gordon, when Manny was asked to take drug tests for a possible $50 million (US Gordon) payday, he declined and you assholes all backed him up. You Pacnuts got what you deserve. For Manny, the door has closed walk away now with all your marbles, or whatever you have left.

  • What’s up with all this “juiced-up” talk all of a sudden by the pac-man fans? Where were they when Floyd wanted pac-man to do simply testing that is required of Olympic athletes? Why didn’t Manny “man up” and just take the test? His fans were fast to protect Manny and toss aside drug use; they said Floyd was just making excuses…Yet; now all of a sudden, these same “fans” want to talk drug test… ha ha come on now! If Manny had nothing to hide he would have taken the tests. That simple. He did not for a reason. Now though; their fighter being laid flat on his face, his fans want to talk about drug use… ha ha funny. Drug test or not?! Make up your mind!!!

  • I hope Pedro pours it on in the coming days. He has taken abuse from Pac Nuts for too long. Now it is time for some payback. But it’s like old times here with all the whiny Pac Nuts around. They are hating life now.

  • @ Joe Gibson

    Are u sure the playing field last night was even?

  • Chongo,

    Maybe u dont know how much will it cost to go to US from the Phil? Mexico is a border away from US. That explain why there are more mexicans than filipinos last night. They dont turned their backs on pac. It is just costly for them to go to US period.

  • the only thing separates me from other is that im a pacquiao fan but i congratulate marquez for his great victory..same thing my idol manny did to marquez….what a classic act….hope other fighter will be like this..knows how to accept defeat…congratulation mr. marquez for a great fight and victory and to manny thank you for making us proud..u already achieved a lot of things that other people havent achieve…its boxing and that is part of the sport…all time greats…sugar ray robinson,muhammad ali,leonard,duran,these people suffered defeat too..

  • Team Marquez did a great job by concentrating on his added strenght, and wow, they did more than that, i mean he became stronger that pac. Kudos to team JMM, and to team pacquiao, well, i think its manny’s fault this time, staying in phil when he should have been in US with Roach. I think JMM would retire now cause he feels vindicated, while pac, he still got it. B4 the KO happens, Pac was winning and starting to punish marquez and even broke marquez’ nose. I dont think pac is done. He still has 2 to 3 more fights left. I think Arum would match pac with Rios/Guerrero/Bradley if ever the fight with PBF never materialize.

  • Im a pac fan, but congrats to JMM, he walked the talked, he proved himself inside the ring unlike PBF all talk and bark, just follow what JMM did, prove yourself inside the ring

  • Pac fans claiming steroids? Funny because he refused random testing with no cut off. Even for this fight when Roach accused JMM, JMM said; “let’s both test then.” Arum shut that crap down and put it on the commission, then Roach changed his tune and said he was just kidding.

    Jrock – Pac complained about everything in the loss to EM.

    Richard – When Pac gets hurt, he literally runs away. Plus, he didn’t fight Margs moving forward. Pac fought how he always fought, bouncing in and then out. He just got caught moving in, the same way he caught Hatton, Cotto, amd JMM in the 2nd fight for that kdown. I bet you didn’t say anything about Pac when people were questioning him when he Bulked up. Still in the denial phase.


  • As far as I’m concerned Juan is clean…Until there is some proof or evidence that links him to doping this is the best win of his Hall of Fame career. I look at it this way….Juan took the necessary steps to ensure his body and mind were in peak condition for his greatest test and he came out victorious. Juan went through hell to get the win he’s been seeking all these years but the end result is all that matters. Give the man his dues. He’s worked hard…he’s bled for this sport and worked hard to reach this climactic end. The fight was an epic battle that we all are going to remember. Let’s appreciate the performance BOTH men put on. PAC was actually winning and had Juan in MAJOR trouble through out the fight…especially in the 5th round. If you look at the punch stats…PAC was the more accurate fighter..PAC was the busier fighter and PAC inflicted the most damage…..So a 5th fight as crazy as it may sound might not be that bad of an idea. Even though Juan won this one emphatically at the very end…..he wasn’t looking like a fighter who was going to end up with the “W” in the rounds before.

  • First ill address the face first ko being a career killer?? Wasn’t Duran koed by heads in that fashion? And still went on to win 2 titles in two divisions? Wasn’t fullmer koed the same by Robinson? And still continued well? Two I’m tired of all this peds talk when nobody has evidence period. In the us u are innocent until proven guilty. I liked Manny to win but he got caught and that’s boxing. Now I will say that when fighters get hit so hard their muscles shiver that’s not a good sign. I say if PAC wants to fight on take a medium touch then get a rematch. Also Fukc Floyd when I saw PAC down I though tof the missed chance at that fight. I’ll bet my left testicle that he makes that fight this year now. Freakin punk.

  • Well said 1200 Techs. Mayweather was 106 lbs. when he was 16 just like Pac. The only difference was he was fighting in the amateurs and Pac was fighting in the pros. And one of the biggest reasons people are talking about JMM being juiced is because he hired a KNOWN STEROID PURVEYOR as his strength and conditioning coach. He even admitted under the Balco grand jury testimony he could develop 20 concoctions that could not be detected by the doping agencies. If Pac had him as his strength and conditioning coach every jackass under the sun would accuse him of cheating and justifiably so. JMM is 39 years old and was bigger, faster, and stronger than he ever was. I dont give a damn what any of you idiots say; but that should make anyone with a semblance of intelligence suspicious. 39 year olds don’t get bigger, faster, and stronger. With all that said, JMM won the fight and did what he had to do. If Pac was to get beat by anyone; I’m glad it was JMM; another classy professional; not a punk like Mayweather. Hey Mayweather; let’s make the fights with Canelo and Sergio’ don’t give me that Guerrero or Bradley BS. I guarantee he won’t step up to the plate to fight either one of them.

    Also Pedro: what do you think about JMM and Bronner at 140. I think that would be a hell of a fight. I also guarantee you that JMM will not look this good again. He felt his legacy depended on this fight and he fought like it. I want to see what he does now if he stays at 147, or drops to 140; there are many challenges ahead. But anybody who doesn’t question JMM and juice is a fool. Pac never put on muscle and weight the way JMM did. Look at him when he fought Floyd; he looked like a bloated, fat, slow old man, now he was sculpted, faster and more powerful. Doesn’t add up. If he doesn’t want people to speculate, he needs to get rid of that strength and conditioning coach. He is doing himself a disservice, but I guess he wanted to beat Pac so bad that he is willing to take the scrutiny. I actually thought JMM would win this fight anyway without the help of the steroid guru. It’s just the law of averages when you have 2 evenly matched fighter.

  • “First and foremost I would like to thank God for keeping Juan Manuel Marquez and me safe during our fight on Saturday night,” Pacquiao said in a statement. “I want to congratulate Juan Manuel. I have no excuses. It was a good fight and he deserved the victory. I think boxing fans who watched us were winners, too.

    “To all my fans, I would like to thank you for your prayers and assure you that I am fine. I am looking forward to a nice rest and then I will be back to fight. On behalf of (my wife) Jinkee and our family we would like to wish everyone a joyous Christmas and a happy and healthy new year.”

    The pacman’s official statement….True warrrior..True champ…ALL athletes should take note and realize why pacman IS the People’s champ…

  • Congrats to JMM, I’m happy for you. I know that you need this victory, more than Pacquiao does. I’m afraid what you’ll gonna do, if you lose again.

    Manny was leading in all three judges scorecards and compubox, also winning the sixth round, when Marquez, who had his nose broken by Pacquiao, delivered that well-timed savage right hand, seconds before the bell sounded. And that was it for Manny.

    If only Mayweather has had balls. Now, he blew his chances of beating Pacquiao.

    As always, Pacquiao accepted defeat graciously, without bitterness in his heart. He approached Marquez, embraced and congratulated him for his victory. Pacman, was a real gentleman, in victory and defeat. A true Champion! Godspeed, Manny.

  • marquez has long figured out how to beat manny . manny always circles over to his own left to set his power left hand, the problem has always been manny bringing down that left hand after throwing that setup jab. marquez has seen this over and over and has always thrown that right hand in their previous fights but manny took those punches well. so what does marquez do? he hires a * strength and conditioning coach to develop more power and speed onto that kryptonite of a right hand. I’d like to see this version of Marquez go up againts Mayweather if Money can find his balls

  • people should just stfu about steriod this and steriod that…. ive said for years you can look at that p4p list and throw EVERYONE UNDER SCRUTINY!!! if there’s no solid evidence, then leave that ish alone!! the whole system is jacked up….fix the system but it is highly unfair to call out one or two guys when theres suspecion on many more!!

  • what a great fight that was!! the best out of all 4!!! pacquaio fans need to follow pacmans lead and be gracious in defeat…everyone who has followed this sport long enough should KNOW every boxer has his day and fall from grace…its simply an end of an era….stand up Manny….you make REAL fans proud of your historic run….JMM vs Pac 4 was a classic fight and i am glad i didnt miss it…

  • if marquez’ claim to greatness is knocking out pacquiao, then what does that say about Manny?

  • Man, I been REAL SKEPTICAL of Manny for a Looooong Time. Now that Floyd seems to hav run into problems I wonder if hom and manny will ever get it in.

    Boxing seems to be down and we need some good new fresh EXITING BLOOD at all weights so that it again becomes exiting ALL THE TIME.

    I want to be entertained and see guys BOXING not getting arrested, arguing about money and all that bullcrapola.

  • Great write up, thanks.

  • WOW..its very funny to say the least listening to these Pac fans give up all these excuses why their Hero has fallen lol, especially the Juiced claims. Where were yall when Pac-Ranger moved up over3-4 weight classes and not only competed but dominated, raised his mighty sword and said{By the Power of Greyskull) and slayed those big welterweights and for some natural middleweights Effortlessly. OH OH when Maywether jr. and sr. said that Pac-Ranger was on PEDs it was like THE SEVENTH SEAL had been broken, DAVID’s trumpet had been blown. OH NO not the great Pac-ranger!!! Yall PAC RETARDS need to SHUT THE HELL UP caused he reaped what he STOLE. AINT KARMA A B.TCH lol…And who n the hell wants to see them fight again????? REALLY???? I mean REALLY give me a break. Surely the great boxing promoters can come up with something better than that, or are the insane running the insane asylum and Bob Arum going Senile. This aint Rocky or is it. I will give credit where its due, Old man Arum knew better…Knew better to put Pacman in the ring with Mayweather. But as his-story shows with Arum when his fighters get past their prime he’ll surely hangem out to dry. So I’m sure we will get to see Pacman and Maywether fight,luckily for MAYWEATHER IT’ll be for a cheaper price.


    That should be the headline. Both dudes are cheaters. Boxing is following in the footsteps of baseball. Ignore the roids, get the fans back, then do something about the roids.

  • Not sure of all the hatred Manny has encountered here. I for one enjoy the way he fights, almost always exciting bouts. Is that it, that he is more exciting than Floyd or Ward?? Or was it all the Mexicans he destroyed?? You are right Pedro, he got knocked out. So did Morales, Barrera, De La Hoya, Tyson, Jones, Holyfield, Lewis, could go on and on. Sugar Ray Robinson ring a bell?? One thing was sure that everyone should get now. Manny won the first three fights fighting like he did last night. Making the fight. Coming forward, hunting Marquez. Not like Juan, who has spent 42 rounds fighting backing up, never going for the win, just hoping to counter. That is how he lost the last 3. And was well on his way losing the fourth, minus the BULKED up POWER by Balco.

  • 100% correct… 100 million dollars on the table and still unable to make a fight happen IS the dumbest move not only in the history of Boxing if not the history of SPORTS period… And if there is/was a more bone-headed move, I couldn’t begin to imagine what it is.

    To be fair though, Manny doesn’t get to wear that one alone. Mayweather did damn little to make that fight happen from his end too. Bottom line, both of these guys get to wear that one.

  • That’s was an incredible KO. Congrats to JMM for ending this rivalry with a finite win. With all that said….I thought PAC was doing an incredible job controlling the fight and outside of the initial knock down, was dominating JMM. He was more accurate, more busy and inflicted more damage. One punch changes everything and Juan found that shot.

  • Jay G. from Chi-Town

    Well put Pedro. That fight was unbelievable. Going into this fight I along with many writers and fans were suffering from customer fatigue. However, we all should have known better when two Hall-of-Famers and card carrying bad asses step up to fight each other. I was expecting this to be like Leonard-Hearns 2 and ended up getting this generations Hagler-Hearns with a Hearns on Duran type ending. I would much rather see fights like this instead of skilled technicians who cautiously dance their way to eek out decisions. Round 5, particularly the last half of the round, will go down in a time capsule as one of the most memorable rounds in boxing history. The skill and will these two men have exhibited over the years is nothing short of admirable. If they want to go again for a 5th time sign me up. No matter how many times they fight you know you will get a good show with all the twists and turns that make boxing great.

    Lastly, even though he lost, it is the way Pacquiao fights is what has made him so popular to boxing fans. This was the old Pacman who always straddled the line between reckless and murderous aggression. All credit goes to Marquez because he finally slayed the dragon that he went to hell and back to get. 8 years, 4 fights, 42 rounds, 1 fight in Indonesia to get one of the greatest knockouts of all time. I’m not going to address the craziness and flat out absurd statements that i know I will hear from writers, crazed fans, nut huggers, fans who came out of the woodwork, and those who will make fun of a guy giving everything he had to get a knockout and got KTFO’d in the process. I’m just going to enjoy what happened on Saturday night. Finally boxing showed everything that makes it great. The drama, action, and sheer brutality that in can bring at any given moment. That is why I watch throughout all the lows and why I will always have respect for anyone that steps through those ropes.

  • Pacman’s strenth were his speed and power. He wan’t Willy Pep or Arguello in terms of style. He had a great career and exciting fighter. PED s are a part of sport and just like Lance Armstrong did not test positive many of todays boxers including Marquez could be on something.

  • The thing is, all Manny had to do was say yes to testing and his career could’ve been over cause Mayweather would’ve been humiliated him. Great win for Marquez but that same Marquez would get the beat down AGAIN by Floyd. I bet you won’t hear Marquez mentioning Floyd’s name. Congrats JMM and also to all of the true boxing fans out there. We deserve to get back to boxing rid of Pactards. :-)

  • pedro, i do get the message but i don’t think you get the message that mayweather never wanted the fight to begin with even though it’s a fight he can win easily. both camps deserve to get the blame for not making the fight after pac-cotto.

  • Steroids are ruining boxing now, but if Marquez was “roided up”, its justice. Now people will be questioning Marquez’z performance, and body mass just like Pac has heard over the past years. Pac got big, broke orbital bones, ruined bigger fighters, and many suspected steroids (me included). It’s justice if Pac gets KTFO by a juiced Marquez. Fact is a clean Marquez fought close fights with a juiced Pac, but Pac went to sleep when the playing field was even.

    Steroids suck, but Pac got his just rewards.

  • hate is a curse….poor pedro

  • Pedro: I’m a PAC fan and the truth is that he got ktfo. He was caught by two big shots; the first put him on his back and thes second put him on his face. I knew that PAC would have a hard time winning this fight but I didn’t think he would get ko’d. JMM looked like he was juiced though I must admit, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse. PAC lost the fight. I think JMM needed this fight more and was more determined than Pac. Like Hagler said “it’s tough to run when you are in silk pajamas”. I think Pac lost his hunger and focus a few years ago and spread himself too thin with all the womanizing and drinking and politics. If you are going to fight and beat world class competition, you better damn well be focused. You don’t play boxing, you live it. It’s time for him to retire and move on to the next phase of his life before he gets ktfo again. He had a HOF career and all good things must come to an end. What I like about Many is that he never complains when he loses or gloats when he wins; and to me that is a mark of a true champion. I would like to know your thoughts on how a 39 year old fighter can increase their speed and power and look as cut up as JMM this late in his career. I know JMM is a consummate pro, but I don’t trust his conditioning coach. I wonder if he gave him something without his knowledge. He did say in his Balco testimony that he can create 20 different king
    D of drugs that are undetectable. Not a good guy to have in your corner if you don’t want to be accused of cheating. Now that Pac. Is off the radar for Floyd; let’s see him test himself against Canelo or Sergio. No one wants to see him outgun an overmatched Guererro or Bradley. To be the best you have to beat the best in their prime in your weight class or above. I hope Floyd finally dares to be great. We haven’t had many good PPV fights in 2012; hope 2013 is better.

  • Now you can celebrate Pedro….the person you hate has just suffered a brutal lost. It is time for him to move and retire. He had already serve the sport of boxing with honor and dignity. For me he is one of the greatest boxer I have ever seen in complete agreement with the late Manny Stewart…

  • Mario from phoenix

    isn’t it kinda of funny that juan manuel marquez look old, soft and a little fat 3 years ago against floyd mayweather but now at 39 years old and with A CONVICTED STERIOD DEALING FELON in his corner he is all of a sudden more lean, bigger and rip in his life and i don’t remember him having one punch ko power either, hmmmm, just wondering how funny that is…as far as mayweather, he is just fortunate he doesn’t have to face a in their prime julio cesar chavez, roberto duran, sugar ray leonard, tommy hearns, oscar de la hoya or pernell whitaker, how boxing has deteoriated to what we have today and in this PED’S mentality….

  • Manny admitted and accepted his lost so why bash on him? He doesnt owe any of you haters any apology or whatsoever, what Manny is today he earned it fair and square, is this the society that Pedro brings out to those who lost in the sport? The man is down he accepted it and Pedro still wants to kick him deeper? Professionalism Pedro and humility, remember those words.

  • Victor, Mayweather would kick the **** out of Manny Pacquiao. It would be no contest! Floyd doesn’t lose a minute to JMM and JMM wins possibly three of four fights and gets only KO. Is your boy Manny, is he still sleeping? I head referee Kenny Bayless counting, “1,142 , 1,143, 1,144. You get the message!

  • Pac Nuts were FRAUDS all along and showed their true colors by not turning out at the MGM for this one. But who is surprised by that? Foul mouthed frauds. They had it coming. Expect many to fall off the map in coming days but expect stragglers and their excuses as well. Don’t expect these classless frauds to give Juan a bit of credit for flattening their hero. It will not happen. Tell you one thing, Latin fans do not abandon their fighters or the sport. It just does not happen. About a 5th fight, just forget it. When does that happen when one fighter gets brutally KTFO? End it now before Pac gets KTFO and does not get up.

  • do you really think there would be a fight if pac agreed to drug testing? get real! mayweather would just add another obstacle to make the fight. with that said, i’m a pac fan but not a pactard. so i’m kind of happy he lost and all the general casaul boxing fans will stop jumping on the boxing bandwagon every time he fights. and what will pedro ever write about now that the pac train express is starting to slow down. he’s made an entire website for almost ten years based on negative pacquiao articles. time to find someone else to hate on pedro!

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