• Rob Russen: I believe 50 is doing the Big Apple Boxing series….he has a show coming up Dec. 20th…It’s hard to break in for all the reasons you stated. A fresh new look might be what it takes. 50 has a connection to the youth through hip hop…that’s a huge demographic right there…not the same influence as he once had but maybe he can reach out to some of the youngsters on top right now and get buzz for his shows that way…but there is no shortcut! Sign em up. Line em up. Make em fight!

  • When 50 has a top 10 hit, then I might just believe that he is relevant in boxing until such time. Gamboa signed up thinking that 50 & mayweather marriage would last. Why would a pro-boxer sign up with a rapper, who knows nothing about boxing? Being around Mayweather doesn’t make you aware of subtle politics and hurdles one has to go through in order to succeed. Dirrell and Gamby screwed themselves signing with this gangsta rapper, pure and simple. Gambywas put on the shelf by Arum and now 50 is doing the same.

  • Being a true boxing promoter involves MUCH more than signing talent and plaving them on other promoter’s cards as a “co-promoter” for that one fight on the card. A true promoter promoters live events, the entire card, themselves to promoter and build their talent into positions of prominence. There are no short cuts on learning how to deal with agents, athletic commissions and learning how to build an attraction who is capable of putting “butts in the seats”. Until one learns how to do that they have no right to call themselves a promoter and no right to tie up top talent duing the prime of their careers unable to provide fights to advance their career. To the best of my knowledge Fifty Cent is five dimes short of paying his dues and earning the right to call himself a promoter. Why can’t he find a venue and run a series of events himself? The answer is because he does not know how to do it. There is no short cut on learning the skills of being a promoter. Most who try lose a lot of money and get out of the business long before doing any good for the fighters under their banner. In many ways pro boxing is a closed fraternity with the major promoters tying up all of the valuable TV companies making it impossible for a newby, outsider to make a deal on their own. Fifty Cent as a boxing promoter is a farce.

  • PJ: Good points. Gamboa is fast as hell though. I’d like to see those fights happen. Hopefully they don’t freeze him out because it sucks to have just two main companies ruling and not making all the potential fights happen.

  • Problem with Mr Jackson is, when your business model is divide and conquer, sooner or later you find your match, or better your master.

  • Gamboa hasn’t got the whiskers to stand up to Crawford or Garcia. If either one of those fighters hurts Gamboa he will be finished. Gamboa has been knocked down in a lot of his fights. Problem was he never fought a guy that could finish him. Crawford and Garcia can.

  • Seems to me Gamboa wasn’t all that interested in being active as a fighter regardless of promoter. With that said, 50 cent figured teaming up with Money was the way to go. For whatever reason they had a falling out which leaves him on the outside looking in. Floyd surely didn’t need 50 Cent to help with TMT promotions.

  • I was just pondering the same thing…Great points…gamboa vs crawford would be great..i’d like to see kirkland soon too…vs canelo, angulo 2, lara, rosado…no particular order…he does well with wolf is in his corner…

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