• 1200 Tech,
    Yeah, I saw that episode of VICE, pretty crazy stuff. You are assassinated just trying to register to be a candidate.

    Don’t forget that Pac actually lost the first time he ran, and then joined the conservative group to get the much needed win. I think he sold his soul at that point.

    Juan Marcos,
    I disagree, Floyd would have the hardest time with Martinez, becuase Martinez is taller, has 1 punch KO power (especially at 154), and is a lefty. Once Floyd figures Pac’s in and out movement, Pac is done. Pac has a punchers chance though. Canelo is still too green, but did impress with last fight. I think he’d get frustrated with PBF’s elbow, holding and hitting, etc… like most other fighters do.


  • OK… I don’t think Floyd would hang his whole legacy on beating JMM like you have. Is that it?

    Floyd on the other hand has fought, a past his prime Coto and 2, TWO bums in Ortiz & Guerero that Pacnut would destroy. You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it, even thought we know how you (Pedro) feel about Robert.

    The only big money fights left are Bronner, Canelo, Pacnut or Martinez. He has a better change at beating Martinez, which I personally think that will be his next fight because the does not want any part of Canelo or Pacnut. Floyd was asked point blank about Canelo and he dodge that question. All of sudden, he gave a Pacnut response saying it is up to the boss. Oh wait, did he forget he is the boss? You give him too much credit.

  • @skerge & 1200 tech

    I forgot to mention that, bear with this……Jinky Pacquiao won as a vice-governor! I dont know if pac’s brother won.

  • @1200 tech

    You are 95% right! Majority of those who join politics in the phils just want the people’s money! How sad.

  • @Skerge

    What do you mean by “using thuggish tactics to win elections”, i dont think he needs to use “thuggish tactics” cause i think he run unoppose…..i could be wrong.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    OK, same day weigh in. Shit, in the ring at 154 would be OK with Floyd.

  • Pedro,

    True, Floyd is the bigger guy. Technically better than Pac, Physically faster than JMM, and stronger than both. They’d have a punchers chance now, and that is not enough to beat Floyd. You have to be strong enough or Technically sound enough to walk through his punches or make him miss & make him pay. Sadly, it looks like no one in the 140 – 147 lb divisions has the ability right now. I’d like to see Floyd vs Erislandy Lara, since I know Floyd won’t fight Martinez (yet, at least). I’ve crapped on Lara for his this resume, but that cuban style surprises many.


  • Skerge: Watch the documentary by Vice magazine (iI think its on HBO on demand) regarding Philippine politics….you can’t jump in those waters and come out clean….

  • Pedro Fernandez

    True, but come on..Neither can compete on Floyd’s level!

  • Pedro,

    To be fair to Juan Marcos, JMM did a better job of putting on weight for the Pac fight, than the Floyd fight. I understand that it’s not PBF’s fault, but still… Anyhow, Pac fans really don’t care that he’s using thuggish tactics to win elections either, so…


  • Pedro Fernandez

    The same Marquez that left Manny Pacquiao snoring on HBO, this after an earlier one punch knockdown. Do you know how lame you appear to be re: boxing?

  • Who has Mayweather beat lately that was note worthy? Slow ass Marquez that couldn’t handle the weight gain, he dodge Coto, Mosley and now Pacnut who are all past their prime. How does these two bums, class ” fighter Ortiz and Guerrero get a shot at Floyd in their prime and not the I ther three? I think you know the answer to that. Those two bums will never be heard from again.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Well put Peter!

  • Pedro Fernandez

    He gets knocked out if he tried to win Big Al.

  • @Carla Real: The greatest of all time? You must be joking. You’re just another sycophantic Pactard that understands nothing about boxing or professional sports in general. Listen, I enjoy watching Manny just as much as anyone else, but boxing is a sport with hundreds of years of tradition and it doesn’t start and end with one fighter.

  • Pedro, maybe not now but 3 years ago he gives May fits. Still now, he gives him a tougher fite than Guerrero. Lets face it, Mayweather is a very goood talent but, did doge many elite fighters at their prime

  • Pacman already in decline since Margarito fight…He dominated the fight but he was very slow and at the receiving end by absorbing heavy blows from naturally bigger fighter in Marg who scaled 165lbs at fight night.Cotto and Margarito took something off from Pacs which was evident that exhaustion got to him and he looked like a beaten fighter although he dominated the fight…Wear and Tear of fighting bigger and stronger fighters …

  • Carla,
    Let it go. Disparaging Mayweather is not gonna change facts. Paq is on the decline.
    P.S. Go see an optometrist. Paq would take a serious beating now by Mayweather; not just a beating but a serious totally embarrassing beating.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Carla, Manny couldn’t carry his gym bag. Are you legally blind? If so, I understand your inability to decipher boxing.

  • Pedro, Gayweather is still scared of Pacman. And now, he has the best excuse not to fight him. Only stupid people buy that alibi. People like you Pedro. And besides, Pacman does not need Floyd, he is already the Greates Boxer of all time. Spanning 8 different weight divisions. No one has ever done that in the history of boxing. Only Pacman. And no one can take away such achievement. Compared to Floyd who cherry picks. Too scared to get hurt. Too coward.

  • … and I’ll add the first. Maybe he won the second, maybe…

  • Pedro Fernandez

    Sir, MP certainly did not win the 3rd fight. You are insulting the majority who feel he did not.

  • Getting motivated for an opponent that U beat 3 times is as hard as fighting your own mother. Bob Arum and Manny’s team should never have accepted a 4th fight with Juanito M.

  • Pedro ur being a bit too dramatic. Playing with his life? Yea the guy got put to sleep in a fight he was winning. U always fail to mention it was Marquez who looked to be on the verge of a ko loss? The guy got hit with 2 shots really. And the last one was both he and Marquez doing. He went to rush him the last 3 secs and JMM hit him. That’s pretty much it. I do remember Duran getting put face first be hearns? And the same for hearns against hagler? And they both went on to add to their legacies. To be honest when they mentioned the fight. I wasn’t to interested because this guy is tailor made for the pacman! He may not be all he was but he is still in my eyes top 2 pfp. By virtue of beating Bradley easy without even training properly, and Bradley is a PFPnder. And he was winning handily the Marquez fight until that right hand. I have seen nothing else to deter my opinion. And anything less is just fearmongering!

  • Any time a fighter has been in in a series of tough fights, he loses something each fight, and that KO by JMM may just be the straw that breaks the camels back. I think Pac needs to focus on politics and leave the fight game alone. If you are a fighter you need to be in it 100%; being a fighter/politician/singer/movie actor won’t cut it at the world class level. Pac had his run, and now it’s just about over. The sun will set on all fighters including Pac, and Floyd. The question is; how will you go out? Will you go out as a shell of yourself trying to collect paychecks (like many fighters – Morales, Chavez Sr., Meldrick etc….) or will you leave on your own terms when you realize it’s over. I think Pac either stops Rios or gets stopped. If he wins, I think he will try to take one more crack at JMM and call it a night. Great career, nothing to be ashamed of. Dominated Barrera, Morales, and had 4 great fights with JMM; and stepped up in weight to challenge himself. First ballot HOF, but the sand is running out of the hour glass.

  • ..and no I never won a spelling bee in my life

  • Pedro – While I agree fully with your take on Manny – he is now being bled for as much money as possible now – I believe the analogy of Tyson is why overblown.

    Mike was not a shopworn fighter like Manny but a product of too much drugs and under training. If most writers knew Mike was “done”, then the proposed odds of his fight with Holyfield in June 1990 would have been far less than 12-1. Mike has plent physically but was slipping from his peak due to his dis-interest and self-destructive behavior.

    Manny is now too old to compete without a serious danger of being hurt in the ring as a result of the wars he suffered. I am surprised they choose Rios because they could have put alot of “agressive” fighters in there with him that are less dangerous. Manny in China is a huge event regardless of the opponent.

    I will say one thing – all of this today makes me marvel even more at fighters like Roberto Duran who suffered from all of those issues and was easily considered “done” in 1982. Then in 1983 – he goes on to a run that ends with a very good challenge of Marvis Hagler which may have ended in a draw or Duran winning after 12 rounds.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I never thought Manny was real in the “First Place”. I just could never buy in to the Catch-weight KING. I never could gauge his skills due to the fact he always fought people who just got knocked out or just loss in their previous fight. Here we are again he is fighting someone who just lost. When was the last time Manny really beat a WINNER? someone that was not already damaged goods.

  • Nice stuff Pedro! Keep up the good work.

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