• Chael gets under people’s skin with stupid crap that has nothing to do with anything and drives them BS. He got under Silva’s skin HUGE and he plays the part of ‘Heel’ very well… Chael brings eyes to himself and to that sport because of that big mouth of his… Chael is a guy who talks smack!

    And lets be clear here, smack talking and making sense… The first has nothing to do with the second. Ali pulled so many stupid things out of the air, it was hard to tell if he was taking things serious at times. And if you are going to talk smack, you pretty much need to be a big-mouth… Otherwise… What’s The Point?

    I’ll check out Barnett.

  • Josh Barnett is good. Chael is a big mouth who makes little sense.

  • By nobody, I mean WOMEN… Right now, BY FAR the best trash talker in Combat Sports is Chael Sonnen… If you think what Ronda said about the Kardashians was smack-talk (and IMO it wasn’t, it was just her giving the same measured opinion you would hear from my sister)… You need to have heard Sonnen’s take on them… THAT WAS SMACK and had me laughing my ass off! Something to do with them, the NBA and post-holes if I remember correctly… I’ll let you do the math on that one… lol

    Best trash talker in sports right now is Sonnen. He is definitely worth your time Pedro!

  • “Who is better right now Jack?”

    … Nobody

  • Who is better right now Jack?

  • I’ve heard a lot about her but had never listened to her speak before. She’s not in the elite ‘smack-talking’ league that Antonio Tarver and James Toney are but she’s on par with Christy Martin, not great but not bad at all.

    She is smoking hot and she plays the sex angle very well and now that I’ve seen her fight… She is a little TERROR! Absolutely a RED-HOT commodity!

    IMO, she looks like the hottest commodity in female combat sports that I’ve seen since Christy Martin…. Only this one is Christy Martin with Mia St. John’s looks.

    If I had Ronda’s ear (I’ve had Sumya Anani’s ear, I’d love to have Ronda’s ear) I don’t think trash talking is for her… Now if she incorporates the high and mighty “Prince” Naseem Hamed verbal angle into her repertoire… LOOK OUT!

  • At 135 KP? And there won’t no steroids this time around. She beats anybody at her weight and if she got me or you on the ground, same result as tonight.

  • She is too small to beat Cyborg. Not sure that she could get her to the ground and be effective either.

  • Before talking about Cyborg, I’ll tell u this, Rousey’s got decent ground game, in women’s mma(there isn’t a decent BJJ woman in mma), but has no stand up, and DOESN’T like to get hit. She better hope she can get Kauffman to the ground, if not, the first one of these women who realizes she doesn’t like to get hit is gonne tune her. Don’t be surprised if Kauffman lays her out. Cyborg is a whole other animal.. She’s basically a man… Hell she throws her mma fighter husband around..
    What saves Rousey is she has world class Judo skills, and that is enough in womens mma to make her a threat to anyone as no one has a world class ground game in womens mma. Throw Kyra Gracie in the cage with Rousey you’ll understand what I mean. But the Truth is Rousey’s stand up is as poor are her opponents ground games.. So like I said, watch what happens when the first one of these women realize A-She has no stand up, and B She really doesn’t like being hit..

  • Bet you a bottle of beer it’s Ronda who wins?

  • Melky should of asked this chic how to take roids and not get caught and no Pedro, cyborg will kill this woman inside of the first round

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