• Stevenson vs Kovalev, GGG vs Kid Chocolate, Martinez vs Cotto, these are the kinds of fights the fans want…Even the ones that don’t know ish about boxing but will tune in, these fights have mad potential of creating new fans. How about legit dvd copies of classic fights, like 5 in one? At the right price, why not?

  • Dondinero: Good points my man….Especially with kicking off the year right! It really gets the fans and mainstream fans appeal, something to talk about throughout the year. Bradley vs Providnokov gave just that and other examples you mentioned…Take heed promoters, cuz this man makes sense!

  • who dis dondinero guy….making sense in the comments section…don’t be getting all smart on us here on ringtalk loco…

  • dondinero,
    very well said. That is exactly what I’m feeling about Garcia – just couldnt put it into words.

  • Yes dondinero.

  • But yes, from my eyes, he lacks what for arguments sake, Morales, had, and that is that lightining in a bottle. The flash. I mean every fighter has a weakness, if Erik had one it was his willingness to get sucked into a fire fight, when the guy had more pure boxing skill and talent to throw away than Mikey has in his arsenal. In other words, to put it into musician terms, Morales could freestyle, and to me Mikey is pure textbook, but lacks the temperment to imrpovise, if you follow me. what that all means to me, is Mikey could win and no one is going to care. And eventually the kid with the fire to match his talent will ice Mikey. One way I see it is a Corrales would ice Mikey by hanging in there til the final rounds, and even a Frietas could dance and imrpovise his way around Mikey, and a Casamayor would probably end his career, with both, text book boxing, and then icing him with a freestyle verse as the wild card ace in hole. Just an idea about Garcia. Dont get me wrong I like him and think he has a good solid 5 signature fights in him, but every morales needs his barerra, and every Corrales needs his Castillo, so who is Garcias, eventual nemisis. And HBO is re-gressing here. They havent built him the way they did Morales, and Mayweather, and even Donaire as of late. I think their boxing program basically sucks right now. No significant fight to note, and march schedule is already determined. At least Donaire had his short short guy, name i cant recall right now, as the fight to start the year of exciting. Burgos to start year build absolutley no momentum and if anything hurts future fights because no one is sitting around saying hey, cant wait for Mikey again. I beleive Mosley-Margarito, and Paquio-Marquez, were early year fighs ie Jan or Feb to start the year of right, and build momentum for the PPV dates. Burgos-Garcia was not a Saturday im sitting at home for. Im goign out. Pac-Marquez, and the early Donaire fight were Saturday I reserved for boxing, on my calander, and the wife would have to understand. Heck even Alexander-Bradley was a Saturday reserved, and if you follow my idea, Bradley-prodnikov, started HBO boxing off right, and built momentum for his PPV date, which was a success as Buffalo wild wings was a packed house. Anyway, just throwing that out there. Maybe other have similar or opposing views. Bottom line, im a boxing junkie, and im in withdrawls ready to kick the habit, cuz there is no good dope on te market. Tito and hell even Roy jones, where are you!

  • Erik Morales,or Barerra, or Marquez he is not. Skiiled yes, talent, yes, slick, perhaps, but you can see he can be outslicked. Tito was susceptiable to flash knockdowns as well. Can Mikey win, of course, but will he, more likley than not. He as opposed to Broner at least is more substance than flash, if you will agree with me on this?

  • Was Lamont Peterson drug tested after beating Dierry Jean on Saturday? Did he pass the test?

  • GGG vs Mayweather???
    Come on guys – dream on. Mayweather has always been a master in picking his future opponents. What Wlad Klitschko does in the ring Mayweather does BEFORE the fight even starts. Be sure he wont take any risks in his last few fights before he calls it a day.
    One of the reasons I will never rank him among the all time greats (yet alone being the G.O.A.T. as you can hear many talk nowadays). He always had the potential but to prove it – you gotta fight the best in their primes. Or at least some of them, which Floyd never did.
    What he certainly did well is to be an excellent businessman – cant name any other athlete who has sold so little for so much!

  • Geoffrey Sadao Prenter

    You may be right about Mikey Garcia’s chin, but nevertheless, he is skilled, explosive and exciting to watch. I think about Roger Mayweather’s career, and yes, his chin was a liability. Nevertheless, Mayweather had an outstanding career. Remember Carl “The Truth” Williams? As far as athleticism and skill, he was outstanding. He even outjabbed Larry Holmes. Unfortunately, he couldn’t take a good punch, and this prevented him from being heavyweight champion on the world.

    The weight issue is controversial. A fighter doesn’t want to weaken him or herself, but he/she doesn’t want to sacrifice discipline and hard work either. Yes, there are some fighters who could fight at a lighter weight if they ate properly and trained more diligently, but there have been fighters (like Richie Sandoval) who have been seriously injured due to losing too much weight too soon.

    I know that Lamont Peterson got crushed by Lucas M. (whose dynamite punch and style remind me somewhat of Earnie Shavers), but I think Peterson deserves lots of credit for his courage and tenacity.

    Pedro, thanks for generating some excellent discussion!

  • Garcia looks to robotic to me. Cross his wires and he falls apart.

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