Las Vegas, NV- HBO’s boxing woes continue as yet another one of the signature fighters Adonis Stevenson (23-1, 20 KOs) on the network has brokered a deal to fight his next bout on a May 24th Showtime broadcast vs. Andrzej Fonfara (25-2, 15 KOs).


HBO Boxing In 2014

HBO Boxing In 2014

In 2012, Home Box Office fell asleep and almost dared Floyd Mayweather to look elsewhere. Failing to match a $100 + million offer by Viacom/CBS/Showtime, they eventually would lose his services. According to various reports this situation was similar as HBO had the right to match whatever offer Showtime made. However with no contract in place and Stevenson now being advised by the most powerful man in boxing, Al Haymon, Stevenson, Big Al & Showtime have agreed on a deal that HBO didn’t feel it could match.


The reality here though is while HBO had recently invested in both Stevenson, a Haitian living in Montreal, Canada and WBO light heavyweight titleholder Sergey Kovalev (23-0-1, 21 KOs) who fights this Saturday on HBO, the Haitian was more interested in fighting Bernard Hopkins (54-6-2, 32 KOs) who fights exclusively on Showtime. Hopkins, while an experienced professional is almost 50 years old and appears to be an easier fight for more money. Stevenson and Kovalev both fought together on a doubleheader at the end of last year in an effort to build towards a light heavyweight unification bout in 2014 if both guys were successful in their bouts. Both won impressively.


So lets get this straight, last year HBO loses both Floyd and Mexican star Canelo Alvarez (43-1-1, 31 KOs). Alvarez was a fighter that they had invested money in only to lose him right before he signed to fight in what became the biggest money fight in boxing history against Floyd Mayweather. Around that same time HBO basically banned Golden Boy Promotions from their network partially because of Golden Boy’s somewhat incestuous relationship with Mr. Haymon.  Now HBO loses the world’s #1 light heavyweight to Showtime after airing his last three bouts and building him into a bigger star. Saturday night they air Kovalev versus a relative unknown in Cedric Agnew (26-0, 13 KOs) hoping to further build Kovalev’s profile for a potential super fight with Stevenson that doesn’t appear to be happening anytime soon. Will heads roll in the executive branch at HBO? It remains to be seen.

Kevin Perry


  • @ Santa Cruz Jim, You got it right big time regarding Buffer, this guy actually thinks he’s the main attraction with his silly introduction that got old about 3 decades ago..I think Jimmy Lennon jr. does a better job and keeps it in perspective yet exciting without feeling the need to come off as the main attraction. I also prefer listening to Brian Kenny or Al Bernstein than that spoiled brat bulging eye balled know it all Max Kellerman.

    Hands down I’ll take showtime any day!

  • oh boy, more fights on Showtime. It looks like the mute button will get lots of use. The shrill shills on Showtime make Max and company on HBO sound good. Where’s Larry Merchant???
    Now, on HBO I usually have to hit the mute button only when Michael Buffer is doing his shtick. It’s getting very old. He needs to “rumble” into the sunset.
    Stevenson is a one trick pony so to avoid the Russian and make money for his old age he probably made the right decision. Another promising fight we won’t see. We need to mob back in boxing. The fights were better even if they were not always legitimate. But wait…they are often not legitimate now either.

  • Stevenson probably made the right decision because whether or not he’s afraid of Kovalev or not-and I do believe he wants absolutely no part of Sergey, Stevenson may or may not have made the right decision from a business standpoint. Even though I believe if he had gambled and taken less money with HBO I think HBO would have made the Stevenson Kovalev fight huge and if somehow Stevenson were to have found a way to win then he would have been a huge star, more so than what he’s doing with Showtime and probably go on to defeating a Hopkins and then his stock probably falls and then he’s reached the end of the road or until some other rising star bumps him off. Sometimes taking bigger money upfront doesn’t always translate to long term financial success, I just hope he puts his money away now, he seems like a likable humble person and so many promising careers are sometimes shattered after a brutal knockout loss.

  • Who cares, all this means is Stevenson will never fight another top contender. Haymon will play the boxing fans and especially writers like the fools they are.

  • Hbo and showtime should start making their own belts.

  • How about he quit HBO because the deal was far better on Showtime. And by the way, from reports online he didn’t leave HBO, HBO left him when they decided not to match Showtime’s offer.

  • I’m thinking Edroland may be right, Kovalev too tough for Stevenson so he opted for Hopkins, too bad we won’t see Kovalev-Stevenson, I’m not paying a nickel to see Hopkins-Stevenson

  • All the big name boxers are going to Showtime. Doubt this has anything to do with being scared. Heck I don’t even think Kovalev has a contract with HBO. So really he can fight on Showtime too. Just like GGG. He has no contract so he can fight on Showtime. HBO has only invested in purchasing their fights. Unless something has changed.

  • I guess he quit HBO because he did not want to fight Kovalev. Also in that case he will have a longer hold on the title because there is no powerful light heavyweight in the showtime cable…I think Stevenson will be beaten black and blue by Kovalev. So good cowardly move form Stevenson….

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