Pedro Fernandez & UFC King Benson Henderson


San Francisco, CA Host Pedro Fernandez has been doing radio for 28+ years now, thus “Ring Talk Worldwide” is the longest running fight show in history.  “Ring Talk Worldwide” airs on the Sports Byline Broadcast Network & the American Forces Network for an hour today (Saturday) and two hours on Sunday.  The Saturday edition we try and combine boxing and MMA into one hour.  The Sunday two-hour program has one hour of boxing and an hour devoted to MMA.  Both shows kick off at 11:05 AM PT.


“Ring Talk” airs on Saturday for one hour & Sunday for two hours.  On the Sunday edition, we spend an hour on boxing and an hour of MMA.


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  • Pedro Fernandez

    Yeah, call the MMA hour next Sunday at noon and my producer will give you a time to call back and we’ll discuss Jim K.

  • You look in better shape than Henderson, Pedro! Speaking of UFC, are you going to give the late, great Jim Kelly a few words on Ringtalk? He was ripped until the day he died. I saw him in the late 90’s here in Houston with a singing act he was touring with, and the guy was still in phenomenal condition. His hand felt like a brick when I shook it, and he did a lot for the African-American community in terms of bringing martial arts into the inner cities and set a lot of kids on the right paths in life, as well as being a fore runner to the UFC. He was a terrific boxer and ranked tennis player as well, and your thoughts on him will be appreciated by a lot of folks. Take Care, Karl

  • the “whiny fans” don’t subscribe to the premium networks to see people that have nothing to do with the fighters stick their faces in the camera at every opportunity. if they stayed in the back, it would be ok. but they position themselves to be seen on cam. screw the watsons. all three of them. screw al haymon too, but that is a comment for another thread – once the maliganggi/broner thread gets posted, perhaps i will comment on haymon there.

  • Who says anyone is “jealous” of the idiots? People are paying for HBO and Showtime to watch the fights, not to watch attention whores stick their ugly mugs in the cameras at every fight. And there is a difference between “going to the fights” and sticking your face in the camera at every opportunity like an attention whore. Their father’s job? Their father is a gopher / bitch-boy / fluffer for Al Haymon. What job? They are a trio of whores and deserve to be called on what they are. Anyone who aspires to leach of other’s success is pathetic, no matter how much money they are earning / stealing and anyone who defends these 3 tossers must be of the same ilk. Just the fact that these clowns are being talked about is sickening.

  • Why is everyone so jealous of the Watson Twins? If your dad had a job as Al Haymon’s assistant, wouldn’t YOU go to all the fights? Besides, the fighters themselves don’t seem to mind these guys as much as some of the whiny fans.

  • The Anti-Watson

    I have cancelled my HBO and Showtime subscriptions because the Watson family gets too much coverage on both networks. I am done.

  • Pedro Fernandez

    15…I agree! Talked to WBO President Francisco Valcarcel and he says the fighters take too much punishment in 15 round fights. He would be more open to 13 rounds than 15, just to eliminate draws. Being now your third thought, expand on that.

  • Must “The Annoying Watson Twins” be ever present? Does Showtime realize how moronic they look in there?

    Speaking of Showtime, Mauro Ranallo must go. He is worse than Gus Johnson. Another instant screaming talking head who knows squat about boxing.

    The Mexican skeleton with the cigar also must go.

    It’s a veritable freak show out there.

    1) We really need to go back to the 15 rounder.


    2) It’s not that Floyd is a great boxer as much as he’s just too much of a vagina for the UFC.

    *) So… Showtime’s “nice” now. Huh, what? Nice fite, nice interview, nice product, nice Floyd. So nice, in fact, that I was waiting to be introduced to the manager of the dealership. {Is it possible to insert George Carlin’s thoughts on “nice” on this comment board, Pedro?}
    So, yea, 15 rounds. Let the leash out a little bit, again. Make the sport about nuts and guts again for the top most superly supremely ultimately duperly elite again, yea.



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