• Pedro… I don’t know if she was in denial or under some incredible mind control but she was having unprotected sex with him after it was known the world over he was HIV positive… That’s either complete denial or something else completely abnormal.

  • And I took crap from people for saying his wife was in denial! Food, Jack, I’m hungry in Hungary! HELP!

  • Ten, maybe twelve years ago. Morrison was in studio with Tom Tolbert at the mighty KNBR… Tolbert talked about the off air conversations between he and Morrison and from what Tolbert laid out… To call Morrison “someone in denial” was the understatement of the century. He was telling Tolbert that there was no such thing as AIDS and HIV and that it was a Government plot, etc… In short, he freaked Tolbert out.

  • David, doesn’t sound like a pussy sounds like a Republican

  • David in Dunedin

    Wow!! Marion Morrison, aka John Wayne, the boy who made a conscious decision NOT to go into the military during WW II because it would effect his acting career. Then, after the war struts around like some tough guy, questioning other peoples patriotism. Sounds like a PUSSY to me.

  • From what I was told by former opponent and friend Ray Mercer, Tommy as of June 2012 had only a couple of months to live due to a hole in his chest that wouldn’t heal. That was related to HIV. He has obviously outlived that prognosis although it’s sad to hear what is reported here today. For all it’s worth Tommy seems to be at ease with his condition and like the warrior he’s always been he can only continue to fight until he has no more to give. If there was only a cure for a disease that has robbed many of life then sad stories like this wouldn’t have to be written.

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