Oklahoma City, OK– At one point, there was a Mexican warrior fighting out of Tijuana, Mexico who was on top of the boxing world. He bloodied, battered and beat the previously undefeated welterweight champ Miguel Cotto (34-2, 27 KOs) into submission. He seemed to have a chin of iron and hands of steel to go along with it. He of course, was Antonio Margarito (37-6, 27 KOs).

Cast-Like Pad Taken From Marga-cheato

Cast-Like Pad Taken From Marga-cheato


This seemingly unstoppable freight train derailed into a canyon on the night of January 24, 2009; that is when he was discovered to be a fraud, a cheat and a disgrace to the sport of boxing. Just seconds before his fight with Shane Mosley (46-5, 39 KOs) began, the HBO Godfather Larry Merchant announced that suspicious pads were found in Margarito’s hand wraps by Mosley trainer Nazeem Richardson and his hands had to been rewrapped three times. It was later confirmed that Margarito had attempted to load his gloves with a hardening substance much like plaster of Paris. Not only did he lose his hands of steel, he also had his mythical iron chin cracked into pieces as he was knocked out in the ninth frame by Mosley.


Ban Marga-cheato For Life!

Ban Marga-cheato For Life!

Nobody will ever know how long Margarito had been loading his gloves, but many are fairly certain he did in his fight against Miguel Cotto. Regardless of the fact that Margarito was caught attempting to bring weapons into the ring which could cause permanent damage or death to an opponent, he will be fighting on the Manny Paquiao vs. Joshua Clottey undercard against Carson Jones (24-7, 15 KOs) in March. Not only should Margarito be banned from the sport along with his trainer, Javier Capetillo, they both should be serving time behind bars.


By clicking on the following link, you can sign the petition/blog that Pedro Fernandez will submit to the California State Athletic Commission when they decide to meet on the Marga-cheato matter! Click here to sign petition to ban Antonio Marga-cheato

Matthew Grizzle


  • Come on Pedro….that wasn’t Plaster of Paris. Margo is a clean guy. Cotto bleeds easy..Judah, lite fisted Paulie M, Torres, Chop Chop…Mosley…every top to decent figter Cotto faced cut him….Margo was good that night…

  • José-Ariel Cuevas

    I am glad there are fans on here who do not suffer from selective-memory (Moseley). Pedro, I am surprised to see you fall into this line of thought.

  • Matthew Grizzel, you are the disgrace. I will never ever come back to this website, ever. I’m done with What a shame. This guy has to go!!!

  • He needed a year off after the beating he took from Mosley. They should let him fight again, but hit him where it hurts – in the pocketbook.His fine should be a million dollars cash out of his next purse(s).

  • Only an asshole would state such considering the Fernandez-Arum history and feud!

  • I just really hope that when Margarito comes back he will be even better than he was. ive seen him in tijuana couple days ago and this dude is slim and ready to go. he is walking around 154 maybe 160 but he looks ready. I asked him if he is ready for the comeback, he said he is more than ready but he will not say anything else until he gets his license back. Believe me when i say this, myself his fans and all the ones that are talking shit about him WILL watch his next fight and will continue to watch him everytime he fights. I cant wait for Margarito to get his license back

  • @ Mike Cantu Trinidad should not be even in the conversation I think the situation before the Hopkins fight (and i might be incorrect here) is they were using to much gauze .So they rewrapped but one big difference no wet plaster paris like cast fell out.Stop trying to run his name thru the mud!

  • if margarito should be ban for life mosley should be ban too…

  • Maybe Mosley (via GBP) paid off Berto to pretextually withdraw from bout due to Haiti to dodge the steroids testing gun pointed DIRECTLY at him after the Mayweather Olympic-test Movement. I had the pleasure of seeing Mosley v. Margarito Live and Front Row, and Shane hadn’t looked that good in half a decade. He fought phenomenally and I was blown away by the fight. Whatever “sugars” Mosley used to prepare for that fight DEFINITELY rejuvenated him back to his twenties. Maybe he’s found the fountain of youth and is not sharing! (well maybe only with B-Hop).

  • how come bob arum was nominated in the hall of shame and oscar wasn’t?! the way he manipulated the fights.. is diaz – malignaggi 1 not enough evidence?! how came he’s not nominated?! oh right, he’s ur boss..

  • Those that know boxing know he (Margarito) was framed by Golden Boy and California State Atheletic Commission, that work hand in hand like Paul Malignaggi mentioned. Why is it that Bob Arum and Top Rank would go out of his way to defend Margarito ???? Oscar needed a way to bring back Mosley and since then has not fought in California and remember Mosley was the cheater when he juised up for Oscar but in the interest of GBP, Oscar turns his head. All the pre fight drama was to much psych before a bout and only made Mosley more confident in his approach. Margarito should not be held responsible but therefore his trainer.

  • Uh…. ok. And what of Shane cheating with PED’s? Hey, why not sign a petition calling for the punishment for Tito Trinidad? Apparently, Shane’s trainer also discovered that Tito was illegally taping his hands (no gauze between tape and skin)? Wow, Pedro, I guess if you’re anything but Mexican, you can get a do over. Write an article about the above mentioned items, and then people might take you serious. You really are a piece of work.

  • JPRichardson is absolutely correct in this instance. Maragarito may or may not have cheated in the past…but Shane Mosley was proven to have cheated by taking steroids prior to his fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Where is the justice there?!

    Boxing is just the lateste sport to be infested with this problem of steroids, and is now just a few rungs above professional wrestling in terms of legitimacy thanks in part to guys like Mosley, Fernando Vargas, and others.

  • margarito is the poster boy for the double standart margarito was caught trying to cheat thats it ,trinidad was also caught whit ilegal hand wraps nothing was done to him,mosley confes he was using epo and the cream nothin was done, roy jones positive for steroids nothing was done ,and the list keeps going whats the deal whit trying to buried this man if you going to judge a cheater do it whit all of them dont be bias just because he ko your idol cotto

  • A lot of bad stuff about Margarito….ban for life, jailtime? Well, remember Someone named Trinidad? The complaints against him certainly did not compare! Trinidad banned…suspended…fined…jailed? Where’s the fairness…equality…no one can say how long he had been doing his wraps that way, but I do remember some fighters saying they felt his punches were a lot harder than they expected. Yet, that hasn’t been said Margarito, what has been said about him was that his “accumulated” punches did in his opponents. I also disapprove of illegal wrapping…but come on, you can go way back in boxing and find a lot “suspicious” wrongdoing in many different forms by many different people in boxing. It’s water under the bridge man, he was suspended…I’m willing to bet he’s learned his lesson…man’s gotta earn a living now…I say “live and let live”. We did with Trinidad.

  • Look at the kermit cintron fights. He was doing it since then.

  • He should have served time bottom line. Luis resto and panama lewis served time for that in the 80s.

  • Margarito was caught TRYING to use a concealed “wet” object that appeared to be plaster of paris in his handwraps. Truth is he has NEVER been caught actually cheating. At the peak of the scandal, Cotto’s team openly stated they were 100% sure Margarito could not have cheated during his fight against Cotto. Furthermore, Pacquiao seemed to hurt Cotto a lot more than Margarito did. Was Pacquiao also wearing loaded gloves? Let the man alone! His career is over anyway; a year out of the ring at this age after receiving the beating of his life (by a confessed cheater) is a career-ender.

  • I don’t think so KP. Send Che Guevara an email and he will answer that one for you.

  • Did he pay a fine?

  • After seeing cotto’s face after the pacquaio fight it looked similar to his face in the Margarito fight Do you think that could have been caused by the damage Margarito Allegedly did? Or thats just the way he will look after absorbing alot of punches to his face? Just curious because Margarito laned alot of leather to Cotto’s face like Manny.It made me wonder if the Mosley fight was his first time trying it since there were rumors he killed himself to make weight and maybe that was going to be his advantage in the fight!No doubt IT WAS WRONG PERIOD!! for him to use those mini casts.Thats just what I was wondering .Thanks for posting those pics Matthew there are some MORONS on this site who dont believe there was anything in his wraps!

  • California suspended his license for a year and are supposed to have a Commission hearing on this, so says the famous Che Guevara of the CSAC.

  • So was Margo banned for 1 year?

    What was the penalty handed down by the NSAC?

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